How To Keep Cats Off Your Bed? 5 Helpful Tips!

Do you want to know how to keep cats off your bed? It’s simple. Tell them not to stay on your bed.

Nowadays, keeping animals as pets is very common.

how to keep cats off your bed

One of the usual pets we have is a cat.

They are super cute and lovely.

However, keeping cats has its drawbacks.

They can be a little messy particularly when they are active and playing.

This is why some cat owners don’t want their cats to stay in their bedrooms, especially in their beds.

In this article, we will talk about the ways of keeping your cats off your beds.

If you are interested, keep reading, and may this article can help.


Ways To Keep Cats Off Your Bed

Cuteness and friendly; are the characteristics of cats that we, humans, love the most.

Cats are common to be a pet.

Just like dogs, they are easy to tame and can give color to one’s life.

Although they are cute, we cannot change the fact that they are a little messy.

They play like there is no tomorrow and can turn your house into chaos.

Below are some ways how to keep cats off your bed.

Let’s dive in to learn how.


Tip #1. Discipline your cats from while they are young

Almost all of the cat owners or pet owners in general often received a pet as a gift.

This has been bought or through adapting from the animal center.

The pet is usually young when received by the owners.

This is the perfect time to train your cat to behave and to avoid them from going to your bed.

While the cat is young, teach them to follow you always.

They must know the limits of their actions.

Cats can be messy pets, but they can be taught how to behave in the house.

They can’t cause chaos with proper training and love from the owner.


Tip #2. Give them their own bed

We humans always want to have our property like clothes, a house, and beds.

Cats also love that situation.

They also want to have their things in the house.

This method can make your cat focus on its bed and not on your bed.

The space in their bed is like their own territory that makes them feel safe inside of it.

They will feel secure in it and will protect it also.

Giving them a bed makes them also responsible for their actions in the house.

This can also help them discipline themselves.

However, this can be a hassle if you have a bunch of cats in the house.

Imagine, each of them has their respective bed.

That is a lot of hard work or a bit expensive.

Other ways can be helpful to you if you have many cats like the next one.


Tip #3. Use tape to keep them off your bed

Cats usually hate the feeling of the stickiness of tapes.

They often avoid tapes, and it can be your chance to use this to your advantage.

Double-sided tapes can be used to set up like a trap, not a literal trap, but to let them know that your bed has tapes.

In this case, they will avoid going to your bed.

If double-sided tapes can damage your bedsheets, you can use regular tapes to lessen the work also to take it off.

This can be effective if you have many cats, and sometimes you can’t monitor them all at once.

Let them experience it first, and they will not try it again.


Tip #4. Always close your door

If you have run out of choices and you don’t know what to do, this method can be as effective as the other methods presented.

Prevent your pets go to your room.

Let them be in the living room or give them their space.

Not letting them go to your room makes your space neater and less vulnerable to mess brought by your cats.

If you have no other cards left in your hands, use this method to solve your problem.


Tip #5. Use cat toys for distraction

Another effective way to keep your cat away from your bed is to distract them with toys.

This method is dependent on the cat, whether they like toys or not.

You can give them toys to played with when they pan to go to your bedroom.

Distraction can be a good alternative rather than forcing your cat.

One of the toys that you can give to cats is a ball of wool.

They love to play it and roll it to the floor.

This can be a good distraction for them.

An option for their toy is to buy them a more interactive toy to fully catch their attention every time.

However, several toys must be needed to retain the attention of your cat.

A single toy will not be enough.

So try to generate a different variety of toys for your cat.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope that the presented methods above can be the answer your question, “how to keep cats off your bed?”

May the given information above helped you in your endeavor on keeping your cat behave and away from your be.

Your time and effort in reading the entire article are much appreciated.

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