How To Keep Cats Off The Bed? 5 Best Ways!

Do you want to know how to keep cats off the bed?

Either because your child is sleeping with you or you simply do not like cuddling with it as you sleep.

How to keep cats off the bed

Or for whatever reason you have in keeping your cat out of your bed, you have to know that doing this can be a bit challenging.

Nonetheless, we will be providing you with the ways that you can try.


3 Reasons Why You Should Not Allow You Cat To Sleep In Your Bed

Aside from the things mentioned above, there are some other reasons why you should not allow your cats to sleep with you.


#1. Sleep disturbance

According to some researches, insufficient sleep is associated with sleeping in the same beds as cats.

Particularly the young cats and kittens, they often think that bedtime is the right time to pay thereby touching your hands and feet beneath the covers.

It is recommended that you play with them to wear them out before going to bed.


#2. Peeing

What even worse than disturbing your bed is your cat using the bed as a litter box.

It can upset you if your cute little pet peed on your bed thereby contaminating it.


#3. Health reasons

Another reason why you should refrain from sleeping with your pet is for health reasons.

It might due to the health issues of the cats such as diarrhea and vomiting or your health problems.

Some owners worry that they might get sick if they let the cat sleep in their bed.

That is because some cats carry parasites such as ringworm for example onto their fur.

As they cuddle next to you in bed, the parasites can transfer to you.


5 Ways To Keep Cats Off The Bed

Whether you are not allowing your cat to sleep on your bed for behavioral or health reasons, it can be hard to find out how to keep them out of the bed.

This is often the hardest part for the cat parents because these creatures are extremely strong-willed and they too have reasons for being there close to you.

Nonetheless, you can try the following ways.

So, how to keep cats off the bed?

By the way, the list includes the least mean ways to keep your fur buddy off the bed.


#1. Getting a cat bed

The two most essential things for a cat are warmth and comfort.

So if there is no other alternative in your home, they will most likely sleep on your bed.

But if you get them a cat bed, they will not be that attracted to your bed anymore and will choose to sleep on their bed.


#2. Closing the door of your room

Make it a habit to close the door every time you are going to bed. In such a case, your cat will understand that your bed isn’t intended for them.

Though, you need to be consistent about this because they might not respond to it if you are only doing it for one or two days.

Alternatively, you can make a bed for your cat in another room.

Make sure that it has a door that you can close during bedtime.

Take your pet to its bed when it is time to sleep and keep the door of the room shut after you leave.

However, this option does not apply to everyone.

Some people live somewhere with limited space, so they cannot afford to have a separate room for their pet.

While other cat parents would feel too guilty for shutting their beloved pet along in her room.

Although, you can try other bedding products and test which solution will most likely work for you.

There are pretty many of them available in the market.


#3. Using a double-sided tape

As you might have noticed already, your cat does not like any kind of strange sensations, particularly the sticky ones.

So you can get the advantage of this.

Figure out which part of your bed is their favorite spot to sleep in and put some tape on it.

Doing this will convince your pet that is not comfortable to sleep in your bed.

As a result, they will have to seek the comfort that they need elsewhere.


#4. Trying cat repellant spray

This kind of spray is typically used in preventing cats from peeing and marking onto your furniture or carpeting.

But this is also a great way to train your pet again not to hop onto your bed.


#5. Making a bedtime routine

You can teach your cat where it is allowed or not by having a uniform bedtime. You may give her food or a treat.

But you might as well groom her before bed.

This is to let her know that it’s about time to sleep.

The routine can greatly help in preventing them from getting onto your bed when you are about to sleep.


It’s A Wrap!

How to keep cats off the bed?

I know how much you love your cats, but due to whatever reason you have, you can’t simply sleep with them.

Choose whichever method above will work in your particular circumstance.