How To Keep Birds Out Of Dryer Vent? 7 Easy Steps!

How to keep birds out of dryer vent? Check for possible nests, and remove the bird’s nest carefully. Take preventative measures to ensure birds do not build a nest there. Install the bird guard, which is the best possible solution for prevention, as this adds extra protection from the bird that tries to sneak into a dryer vent outlet.

If possible, perform maintenance checkups manually to prevent these creatures from making nests upon removal.

how to keep birds out of dryer vent

Check them daily to ensure birds won’t create a nest in the dryer vent, and weekly check is also enough to ensure the safety of the dryer vent system and the house. Even do a weekly review ensuring the dryer vent system and house’s security as this is just an overview, so you better read further!


Steps To Keep Birds Out Of Dryer Vent

Below are efforts to keep birds out of the dryer vent:


Step #1. Checking for the nests

Birds would stay in the dryer vent outlet as they create their nests, and it is something to check out. Move the dryer forward as you listen for the chirps and go outside. Physically inspect its outlet yourself that it has a cover installed wherein birds could bypass with great ease. Their nest remains, so checking the inside of the bodies is essential. After you search for them, continue with relocating them.

Heed caution not to give harm to these birds at whatever cost possible. Remember that birds deserve much compassion and that removing birds from their nests is never okay. But then, you could not search for birds nesting on a dryer vent outlet that is never taking it for granted is good. Birds will nest only in the open outlets available, and it takes time before they settle. So, take some preventative measures in this case.


Step #2. Removing the bird’s nest carefully

Continue with removing the nest in a dryer vent outlet and take some caution not to bring harm to the offspring or the birds. Remove the nest from a dryer vent outlet and use gloves or mittens, as twigs can get embedded and sharp inside. Once you take it out, locate the nest again in the safe location or the tree. After taking the nest out, continue removing the debris or twigs in the outlet to ensure nothing will remain. Remove dirt from the dryer vent outlet to best maintain the unobstructed airflow.


Step #3. Taking some preventative measures

Empty the outlet or if there’s a bird’s nest, taking some preventive measures is okay. Be sure that birds won’t get in the way of building their nest there. The vent outlet cover is already there; however, the birds can still get their way around. Good thing; there are ways to stop them from coming over.


Step #4. Installing a dryer vent bird guard

To prevent birds from nesting in the dryer vent outlet, you should install a dryer vent bird guard, as this adds much protection against any animals that sneak into the outlet. The guard makes a perfect net or mesh restricting creatures like rodents and birds upon entering an outlet, as this proves to be very effective for birds as they make nests in the outlets because they will not gain entrance. The use of a ready-to-buy product is okay or, better yet, installs it on a vent outlet that keeps creatures and birds out.


Step #5. Installing aroma dryer vent grill

This lightweight aluminum vent grill stops pests and other birds as they reside inside the dryer vent outlet, as this is also mainly due to their customizable fit and reliability. They seemed perfect with different outlets and vent covers, plus they are accessible when installed and removed. Choose this grill as it never compromises the house’s aesthetics, improving the dryer vent outlet’s looks. You may also be interested to know about must know dryer vent cover repair tips.


Step #6. Perform manual maintenance checkup

Birds are always resilient creatures that create nests, although you remove them already. Check them daily, ensuring birds have not made a nest inside the dryer vent again. Check them weekly, ensuring the house’s safety as recommended.


Step #7. Asking professional help

There’s nothing that can compare to professional expertise, as this is one more way to think of how to keep birds out of dryer vent. When not sure of how to handle the situation and you end up just breaking something, always contact an expert. They are there for you and will securely remove the bird’s nest to set the guard grill.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to keep birds out of dryer vent. Follow each of the steps religiously if you hear the birds chirping in a duct. Believe that the bird removal steps are proven effective and safe and let you handle this frustrating and annoying issue with little effort. Prevent these birds as they nest inside the dryer vent outlet for your home’s safety. Remove these birds without affecting the birds’ lives. Also, install the dryer vent type of bird guard to stop the rodents and birds from getting inside it. So, share this information with your friends, too! You may also want to read about how much a dryer weigh and how to measure a dryer.

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