How To Keep Birds From Building Nests Under Carport?

Do you want to know how to keep birds from building nests under carport? You’re in the right place; I’ll teach you the various ways, as easy as 1-2-3.

If ever you’re struggling from a birds’ nest, you really have to know the methods of how.

How To Keep Birds From Building Nests Under Carport

Without a doubt, a carport comes with numerous advantages compared to when you have a closed garage.

With this, you can quickly get your vehicle in and out. Not just that, you won’t be struggling with high maintenance costs.

Perhaps, its minor con is that it’s easier for birds to get their way in and build their nests within.

Don’t worry about that problem, though; you’re saved after you read this article, believe me!


Why Birds Build Their Nest On A Carport

Before you should know the steps on how to keep birds from building nests under carport, take note of the main attractors.

Generally, birds have two motives why they build their nests in your carport– maybe it’s their source of food, or it’s simply a haven for them.

Let’s dig further!


Method #1. Food sources

The first reason why birds love to go inside your carport is because of food.

If you find their food source, then it’s a good idea to get rid of the food.

Yes, you should also feed birds; they’re living things, they need to eat too.

But, if they’re bothering you, then try to feed or lure them to different locations.

By doing so, you can ensure your carport’s cleanliness.

Take note of this, though:

Birds may consider one as food, though it does not appear as food for you.

It’s advisable to sweep your carport regularly (as simple as that!).

Sometimes, birds love to pick debris and leaves; and these are things not edible considered as foods for you, right?

It’s vital to make your carport clean at all times, especially during the fall season (obviously, there are lots of trees falling from trees).


Method #2. Ideal spot to build a nest

Here’s what you should know:

The rafters are the ideal part of building a bird’s nest.

This being said, you need to protect the rafters.

The rafters are the ideal spot for birds to nest.

Don’t worry, though; you have two selections to consider when protecting your rafters.


  • Bird netting

The first option that you can consider is to use bird netting.

It’s a physical barrier between birds and the rafters of your carport.

Well, bird netting is available in numerous stores- be it homes stores or hardware.

Aside from the protection it gives, it also adds aesthetics to your carport.

Plus, it’s easy to install, so you can DIY!


  • Methyl anthranilate

Using methyl anthranilate is more effective than the first one.

It is a substance that can help keep the birds away, preventing them from building their nests in the rafters.

Don’t worry, I know there’s a question that pops in your mind, and you wonder:

Is it a chemical?

The answer is NO! It’s a grapes’ derivative that can repel birds.

And it’s not harmful to the environment. Plus, it smells so good; you will love it!

This substance is readily available in numerous garden stores; it should be easy to buy.


Aside from these factors, you also should take several preventive measures to keep birds from building nests under a carport.


Method #3. Have a fake predator

You may be happy because the first two methods are effective.

But, taking more preventive measures is an excellent idea.

Why not get an artificial owl, say, for instance?

For sure, it will scare off birds.

But, make sure to move the owl from time to time.

Birds are wise animals too.


Method #4. Show birds a reflection

One of the ways to scare birds is to show them their reflection.

You don’t need to have a mirror, by the way.

You can get strips of foil tape and use them.

Here’s why it can keep the birds away:

If they see themselves in the reflection, they may think that the place is already occupied.

And so, they will move and search for another spot.

More importantly, light bounces around the area due to reflective surfaces.

This phenomenon also repels birds.


Method #5. Use a non-stick cooking spray

Here’s a method that you can readily do at home.

Get a non-stick cooking spray, and spray it on vertical surfaces.

Why should you do this?

It can prevent nest materials from sticking into the surfaces of your carport.

For sure, they won’t nest on these surfaces.

Do this regularly, especially in the spring season; this method can discourage new guests.



Birds are lovely, but they can be a nuisance if they stay a lot in your carport.

You need to do a lot of cleaning whenever they have nested within.

Plus, that awful smell can be irritating.

If you want to know how to keep birds from building nests under carport, there are various methods to do so; and the steps are straightforward.

Try to execute one and see if it’s useful for you.

Hopefully, you’ve learned a lot from this article!

Take care!

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