How To Keep Bed From Sliding? 5 Easy Solutions!

Does your bed slide every time you hop onto the bed, so you want to know how to keep bed from sliding?

There are various methods and hacks you can try to prevent your bed from sliding.

how to keep bed from sliding

You can attach adhesive tapes under its legs or place a rug.

But you still need to identify why does your bed keep on sliding or moving.

So, don’t panic thinking that you need to buy a new bed or something.

All you have to do is read and learn from this article.

So, keep on scrolling!


Why Does My Bed Keep On Sliding?

Before we proceed to the methods on how to fix your sliding bed.

We should discuss what the possible causes are.

With this, it might give you an idea of what to fix and replace.

Some of these issues might be related to your mattress that is sliding and not from your bed.

But you cannot notice it because you are lying on top of both of them.

So, why does my bed keep on moving?


Issue #1. Slippery floors

Some hardwood floors and tiles are very smooth to keep your bed in place.

This issue is the most common reason why your bed slides whenever you make a sudden movement.

So, we’ll have plenty of solutions for you later.


Issue #2. Loose legs

Most beds come with more than four legs.

It could be support legs for your central beam.

But some of them are not screwed properly, which could lead to a lack of support.

And if you don’t fix these legs as soon as possible, the legs could get wobblier.


Issue #3. Mattress

Sometimes you might think that your bed is the one sliding, but it’s not.

The mattress you bought might be too small for your bed frame.

So, there’s enough space for it to keep moving.

Other circumstances would include having a slippery bed frame, or there’s no or not enough friction.

The material does not have a solid grip to keep the mattress in place.

An old mattress might also result in a sliding motion.

Because the material has already worn off, resulting in no or less friction.


What To Do To Keep Bed From Sliding

Since we’ve already familiarized ourselves with the possible cause why our bed keeps on sliding.

We can now determine the best solution.

If your bed has loose legs, you can tighten the screws and add adhesive strips to add more firmness.

And to prevent sliding motion in the future.

We have gathered some of the best solutions on how to keep bed from sliding.

And here they are:


Solution #1. Place a rug

The materials used in making the rug would work the same as a high-quality mattress.

Together with the weight of the bed frame, it will get a good grip on the floor.

Bedrugs have various patterns and designs, which will depend on your style and preferences.

Placing a rug under the bed would add more color and accent to your bedroom other than preventing your bed frame from sliding.

Note that the bigger the rug, the bigger the floor surface it could cover.

With this, there’s a lower chance that your bed will move.

Moreover, choosing a rug with thicker material would contribute to its ability.

The legs of the frame will form a mortise or groove in the carpet.

And your bed will be kept in place.


Solution #2. Use velcro pads

Velcro pads or strips are the most common solution to make objects stick to the surface.

It functions as a strong adhesive tape.

If you prefer making your hardwood floor more visible, this option is best for you.

Purchase velcro pads from any hardware store near your area.

Remove the wax paper that covers the adhesive sides of the pad and stick it under the foot of the bed.

Do this to each central leg of your bed frame.


Solution #3. Attach a rubbery material

Rubber has the power to grip onto slippery surfaces.

And it can produce high friction when in contact with other objects.

It can also be stretched or compressed in which you can attach any shape to the bed’s legs.

So, if you have a wide rubber band, you can wrap it around the bottom part of the feet of the frame.

Especially the side that faces the floor.

Or you can purchase rubber feet designed for bed legs.

Make sure to buy the right size and attach it to each of your bed legs.


Solution #4. Tighten the screws

If you discovered that the issue is loose legs, you could choose to follow this solution.

Using a screwdriver or a hex key wrench.

Manually tighten the screws in each of your bed legs, including the support legs.


Solution #5. Install the frame to your wall permanently

You may consider this option if none of the solutions above work or relate to your preferences.

However, make sure that you don’t want to reposition your bed anytime soon.

Because it would lead to many holes in your wall.

Drill onto both sides of your headboard and wall.

Make sure that they are aligned.

This hole is where you will fasten the wall plugs later on.



And that is how to keep bed from sliding.

It would be best if you addressed this sliding motion immediately.

If not, it could lead to floor scratches and extensive damage.

Thank you for reading!

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