How To Keep Adjustable Split King Mattress Together

We have two steps for you for those who want to know how to keep adjustable split king mattress together. You don’t need special tools or equipment to keep your split king together. And as a bonus, we have tips for maintaining your split king set-up. 

More and more people are looking into using a split king bed. It offers a king’s dimensions, but you have more control in personalization and movement because it uses two mattresses. However, the gap in the middle can become frustrating if they always go apart. 

How To Keep Adjustable Split King Mattress Together


How Do You Keep An Adjustable Split King Mattress Together?


Step #1. Prepare

The concept behind this hack is strapping the bases and mattresses that make a split king bed together. To start, prepare some ratchet straps, bungee cords, a towel, and a mattress pad. Once you have everything ready, please pull your bases’ legs together using the bungee cords without putting too much pressure that you might bend the legs. 

You can then remove everything from the mattresses and have the base upright. Do this on the head and foot section with the ratchet strap around the middle. You want to tie the strap around each bed’s center or the part that doesn’t get affected with the adjustable head and foot sections. 


Step #2. Strap

After that, connect the strap and ratchet so that you can feel a pull between your two mattresses. Make sure that you have the towel between the mattress and the ratchet to protect the former. Finally, have the ratchet underneath and remove the towel by sliding the strap around the beds. 

What about the dent from the strap? Over time, you won’t notice it as much as the gap that’s typical with split mattresses. However, you can always use a mattress pad on each twin XL bed if the feeling bothers you. Overall, this hack’s main takeaway is using bungee cords for the bases and ratchet straps for the mattresses. 


How To Keep Split King Mattress From Sliding On An Adjustable Base

Since we’re on the topic of keeping the mattresses that make up a split king bed together, let us also talk about how you can control them from sliding off the base. Perhaps the most significant advantage of split mattresses over other beds is using an adjustable base to allow customization on both mattresses. However, some users complain about the mattresses sliding out. 

Assuming you’ve done the process above, you can feel secure that the mattresses will no longer shift at either side. What’s left is to use the retainer bar at each bed’s foot or add grippers underneath to address potential slipping in other directions. We recommend using the retainer bar that typically comes with the mattresses, but if yours doesn’t have one, your usual non-slip pad should also work. 


How To Keep The Sheets On A Split King Mattress

Another issue that you might experience with an adjustable split king mattress is finding a good-fitting sheet. You don’t want the cover to slide around or bunch up because it will defeat that accessory’s purpose. Therefore, please use twin XL sheets to complement each mattress that the split king bed uses. 

We’d like to share a tip to make covering more comfortable, and it’s raising the head portion of each mattress. You should quickly find the corners in this position to achieve a snug fit. But if you still see the sheets sliding off, you can always use sheet straps on each corner. 

Once done, place a king-sized sheet and duvet to finish your bed. If you have other accessories like a mattress pad, you can put it on top of the bed before covering everything with the king-sized sheet. 


Can Split King Beds Be Separated?

Split kings can be separated. After all, a split king bed is simply a combination of two twin XL mattresses. Therefore, your customization for each mattress is separated from the other. This makes the split king excellent for accommodating couples with different sleeping preferences. 

With our guide above, you can keep the mattresses and bases together using straps. We recommend an adjustable base for this type of bed to have more control independently. And once you need to relocate the bed, you can simply move each mattress separately.


Can You Cuddle On A Split King?

Cuddling offers many health benefits, and it makes us feel closer to our spouse. But because the split king has a demarcation in the middle, you might notice it when cuddling. Nonetheless, it’s not a significant issue if you value independent control on either side. 

Over time, you’ll get used to the gap. The sheet, mattress pad, or duvet will also solve this feeling in the middle of the bed. But if you and your partner have the same preferences in the bed, perhaps it’s better just to get a proper king-size mattress. 



Do you get annoyed with the bases or mattresses separating on your split king bed? This article has taught you how to keep adjustable split king mattress together using bungee cords and ratchet straps. Then, we recommend having a mattress pad to make the surface feel flatter. 

Did this hack help you with your adjustable split king bed? Let us know in the comments!