How To Keep A Water Heater? 4 Awesome Ways!

Do you want to know how to keep a water heater? If yes, then you come to the right place. We are here to help you out. If your water heater sticks out from the interior of your bedroom, it might be an annoyance.

However, there are many methods to hide it attractively. A room divider can readily conceal your image of the water heater if you just want a quick fix.

how to keep a water heater

Curtains suspended from the ceiling might also be a luminous and inexpensive option. Installing a cabinet across your water heater not just hides it but also provides you with extra space for storage. Your area will look beautiful regardless of how you hide your water heater! Yes, everything of that is true, my friends. So, if you’re interested in learning more about this topic, keep reading till the conclusion. Below we’ve covered a few great options for hiding your water heater in the sections. Let’s get this party started!


Ways To Keep A Water Heater

An ugly water heater is an eyesore for everyone, so this type of water heater must be hidden in a better way. Just read the below-mentioned ways how to keep a water heater in an exemplary manner.


#1. Curtains or screen 

Many wonderful water heater cover designs are available, but most of them fall into one of two types: curtains or screens. Both will conceal the water heater without needing additional renovations and are ideal for laundry rooms. Many wonderful water heater cover designs are available, but most of them fall into one of two types: curtains or screens. Both will conceal the water heater without needing additional renovations and are ideal for use in laundry rooms, partially completed basements, and garages, partially finished basements. 

Adding a sliding curtain as a divider is undoubtedly the quickest method to conceal your water heater or radiator. To calculate the correct curtain width and length, you would have to evaluate the room wall height. Keep in mind the curtain will not contact your heater by leaving a few feet of space between it and the radiator. The curtain is then hung from rails erected along with the ceiling. Curtains aren’t the most appealing coverings for busy areas, but they’re perfect for an unfinished or partially basement or garage.

They’re also a low-cost choice that enables you to switch out designs if you become tired of the look of your present curtains. Screens are the most common choice for a stylish water heater cover. High freestanding curtains or classic divider screens may be used as dividers. Screens are simple to relocate because they are freestanding. The buildings may be readily decorated, painted, or left to their natural state.


#2. By using cabinets and closet

It’s generally better to install a whole enclosure to hide your water heater in a busy laundry area, kitchen, or finished basement. Closets and cabinets are an excellent method to conceal the heater in an even more lasting and attractive fashion. Cabinets, particularly in the kitchen or a full basement, provide a terrific enclosure. However, wooden cabinets are sometimes accessible, and these prefer to be mostly metal and have some more modern vibe. Particular cabinets are built into the wall, whereas others are portable. A cabinet for storing a water heater is not the least expensive option. However, it will survive for a great many years. 

A closet is considered a common place to hide a water heater. The water heater and radiator are sometimes kept in room closets. The closet door will blend in with any similar closet door so that visitors will have no idea. The benefit of implementing a closet configuration is that it is simple to construct one across the heater or to install closet doors to a preexisting enclosure. It may be used in almost any part of the house, including the kitchen, despite attracting notice. You can read how to hide a water heater


#3. Room divider

A stylish ambiance surrounds room dividers at all times. They’re also quite simple to put together. Simply determine the length of your water heater and select a room divider that complements the overall appearance of your space. On the other hand, room dividers are only considered a short-term solution. While they may work for a short time, many people choose to invest in more long-term solutions, such as cabinets.


#4. By using mirror

Your water heater can also be hidden behind a mirror! Put a free-standing mirror in front of the water heater you want to hide. Naturally, the mirror’s length and breadth must be sufficient to conceal the item. Mirrors have two functions, and they conceal your water heater while also making your space appear larger. Using a mirror is a beautiful method of hiding your new and modern water heater.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope you enjoy reading this post and that after reading it, you will have a better understanding of how to keep a water heater. We’ve covered four fantastic methods for hiding your water heater above. We hope that after you’ve grasped these concepts, you’ll be able to conceal your water heater. Thank you for staying with us to the end!

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