How To Keep A Mattress From Sliding On A Bed Platform? 10 Best Solutions

If you’re wondering how to keep a mattress from sliding on a bed platform, you have come to the right place.

Your bed is supposed to be the place where you can get rest.

how to keep a mattress from sliding on a bed platform

But what if your bed slides over the platform bed? What a fuss, isn’t it?

This post will tackle that issue by finding out its common cause and providing solutions for it.


Common Causes Why Your Mattress Slides On Platform Bed

If you are wondering why your mattress slides on the platform bed, well, it could be due to any of the reasons below:


Factor #1. Missing rails

A lot of beds are designed with frames that are a bit higher than their slats.

The purpose of this is to keep the mattress in position.

But some frames do not have these headboards and barriers that keep the mattress at the center.

Or it could also be because the bed frame is bigger than the mattress.


Factor #2. Lack of friction

Some mattresses such as latex and foam, for example, cannot grip onto the bed well due to their material’s natural properties.


Factor #3. Too old mattress

If your mattress has been with you for more than ten years already, then body excretions and oils accumulated in it already build a sliding film beneath it.


Factor #4. Poor support

When the base of your bed is uneven, per se, its slats have wide gaps. Then your mattress will not have an uneven space causing it to slide.


Preventing Mattress From Sliding On Platform Beds

We have here numerous solutions to sort out your problem with your sliding mattress.

Here are some solutions on how to keep a mattress from sliding on a bed platform:


Solution #1. Choosing the right frame

Most of the time, the frame of the bed is the main root of your problem. It may not be compatible with your mattress.

The bed frame might also be not right- either it is too large or too small- for the mattress.

So it would be best to get a mattress that will fit snugly onto the bed frame.

In case it is more oversized, you can fill the space using wooden planks.


Solution #2. Non-slip padding

You can buy a non-slip pad to solve your problem with a sliding mattress.

Anti-slip pads you usually use for carpet can also work well with memory foam, latex, and air mattresses.

Another alternative for this solution is yoga mats since they can offer excellent surface grip.

But let me tell you as early as now:

It can be difficult to properly position the non-slip pad beneath the mattress, especially the larger ones.


Solution #3. Elastic straps

Although this cannot solve your problem totally, elastic straps can manage to keep the mattress in place.

You might as well combine it with anti-slip pads for better outcomes.


Solution #4. Velcro straps

Here’s the thing:

You can also use Velcro straps. Attach one end under your mattress and its other end must to the platform.

Read this article to learn more.


Solution #5. Shelf liners

If you are into a more economical solution, then you can use shelf liners. They are relatively priced lower than non-slip padding.

Line these onto the bed platform edges to fill any gaps.

It is the optimal solution provided you only require to fill few inches between the platform bed and the mattress.


Solution #6. Double-sided tapes

If you want a quick way to solve the issue, you can use double-sided tape under your mattress.

However, this usage is merely a short-term solution only. Sooner or later, the problem might arise again.


Solution #7. Cleaning the platform bed

The dust can accumulate under your mattress, causing it to lose grip and friction.

Regular vacuuming can prevent sliding mattress issues since it eliminates dust, which is a common reason.


Solution #8. Using encasement

Maintaining the mattress’s natural state can also help prevent it from sliding on the platform bed.

An encasement that can fully cover it can boost the friction that the mattress can generate with the platform bed.

Make sure to buy two or three encasements to have reserves whenever you have to wash it already.


Solution #9. Changing the position of the bed

You can try moving the bed near the wall for better support as you toss and roll all night. This solution is a natural way of attaining mattress stability.

However, the mattress will still keep on sliding towards the opposite side.

Nonetheless, this solution does not cost you any penny, just time and effort.


Solution #10. Overhauling it completely

At times, the optimal solution is to begin from nothing.

Trying numerous solutions can sometimes cost more than purchasing a new bed frame or mattress.

This solution is especially ideal if your mattress is too old. Perhaps, your bed is ten years old or even more.

Consider buying a new mattress that will snugly fit on the frame (or the other way around).

You have to check which among the two needs to be replaced more.


It’s A Wrap!

After providing you with numerous solutions, you can find the best remedy for keeping a mattress from sliding on a platform bed.

Hopefully, you will be able to solve the problem today to have a good rest tonight!

Take care and sleep tight, folks!

Now you know how to keep a mattress from sliding on a bed platform!