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How To Iron Curtains? In Just 3 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to iron curtains? In three easy steps, you can; all of which can be done with ease.

Do you notice your drapes getting dirty and unorganized over time? I know indeed that it might stain your eyes with their unpleasant appearance.

Great! This article will be teaching you how you can iron curtains.

It would be best if you prepared your curtain, set your iron, and flatten it out.

In this method, you will need a few things including, of course, your curtains, curtain rods, flat iron, ironing board, and mist sprayer.

As a home buddy myself, I find this guide very helpful. So, without further talking, go scroll down and read the article.


how to iron curtains

Steps To Iron Curtains

Your curtains are the most basic designs to be put on your windows. It makes your room cozy and significant if they are in the proper orientation.

I know you very eager to learn how to iron curtains by doing it yourself. Before all of this, you should prepare these materials.

  • Crinkled curtains,
  • Curtain rods,
  • Iron,
  • Ironing board, and
  • Mist sprayer

Let’s go to the steps, shall we?


Step #1. Preparing your curtains

Before you start this DIY method, you should get your curtains cleaned and dusted out.

You can go use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the rid attached to it.

I recommend you getting the curtain out of the window with the help of a family member or a friend.

You can also use a ladder if you want to do it by yourself.


Step #2. Setting your iron

Place your ironing board into its proper orientation with the iron getting switched on.

Before ironing the curtains, note the product’s guidelines if it says something important in cleaning.

If it notes that you cannot clean them using a steaming iron, I recommend getting them dry cleaned instead.

Else, you can go with flattening it using a standard iron.

In this step, an iron that has steam functions can be held your hands, or a standard garment steamer is recommended.

Also, fill in distilled or clean water into your mist sprayer.

This tool will be very beneficial in the next step, so take note.

Finally, before you iron the curtains, wear protective clothing like long sleeves to protect yourself from burns.


Step #3. Flattening it out

I know you are very prepared for this crucial step in this method.

First, place your curtain carefully on the ironing board with the iron turned on.

Then, spray some mist on the fabric before your iron them.

Smoothen the moist parts of the curtain using your iron.

Carefully iron the surface and observe the wrinkled going away.

You can iron them again if you see some more minor wrinkles.

Next, iron the next section of the curtain until you are finished.

Please note that you should not iron the same section all over as this can cause shrinkage on the fabric, ruining its overall appearance.

If you are not satisfied with some wrinkles, do hang your curtain for 2-3 days, then do this method again.

I am sure that your curtain is already seamless and beautiful, so hang it on already on your windows.


How Often Should My Curtains Be Cleaned?

Now, you already know how to iron your curtains, you need to know how often you should clean them.

It would help if you did not wait until your curtains look greasy and dirty, so it is better to wash them periodically.

It is recommended to let them be cleaned once every three months.

You can get them machine washed or professionally dry cleaned.

You might also be washing them more frequently if you live in dusty areas, as this can protect the fabric from further damage and soiling.

If your loved ones suffer from allergies, frequently washing the curtains might greatly help them.

Your curtains are the perfect grounds for specks of dust, pollen, mold, and hairs from either pet or inside the home.

These threats can be very damaging to your curtain as an investment, so it is better to be often cleaned.

If someone in the household smokes cigarettes, you should be cleaning curtains more often than once every three months.

These smoke particles can attach to your curtains and beds as well. So, washing them every two months or lesser can protect your furniture.

Finally, you live nearby shorelines where the sea breeze can attach to your curtains.

Washing them more frequently can get rid of the salt deposits it can bring.


Finishing It Up!

Very good! You finished reading on how to iron curtains.

You need to prepare the curtains and materials required, turn on your iron, and flatten it out.

This DIY method only needs a mist sprayer, iron, iron stand, and soiled curtains with its rods.

I also shared with you some information on how often you should clean your curtains.

It is recommended to clean them at least once every three months.

It can also be varying if your family suffers from allergies, smoking, or geographical reasons.

I hope this article finds your inquiry helpful, so share this with your friends already to read this article!

How to tie up curtains

How To Tie Up Curtains? 6 Exciting Steps!

How to tie up curtains? The first thing that you should learn is how you can create the ties themselves! After which, you can tie the curtains up in six easy steps!

Indeed, fashion and functionality are both exhibited by tie-up curtains.

They serve a specific purpose while makes the room more attractive at the same time.

If you extend the curtains all the down your window, you can have more privacy.

Not only that, but this can also prevent sunlight from entering.

You can then raise them if you want to let the light into your room or if you wanted to look outside the window.

You have to secure the curtain at any position you like with the use of ties.

After you tie them up, you will see how tie-up curtains can add a unique element to your window treatment.

Now, to know how you will tie up your curtains, scroll down until the end of this post, as we will be providing all the essentials when tying up curtains.

As a bonus, we will also teach you how to make a tie-up curtain yourself.

Let us start with that before we proceed on the steps in tying up curtains.


Making The Tie Up Curtains

Perhaps, you don’t want to buy those ready-made tie-up curtains. You can create your own by following this procedure.


What are the things needed?

Before we get right into the steps on how to make tie-up curtains, you must know the things that you will need first so that you will be able to prepare them.

Make sure to have all of them ready so that the process would be smooth and fast.

  • Main fabric
  • Back fabric
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Straight pins
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing scissors
  • Curtain rod


6 Steps To Make Tie Up Curtains

After you have prepared all the supplies needed, you can now start making your tie-up curtains.


Step #1. Measuring the window width

The very first thing that you need to do is to measure the width of your window.

Use the measurement that you get to know how much fabric you will need.


Step #2. Cutting the fabric

After you get the measurement, you can now cut the fabric accordingly. Do this both to the back and front pieces.

Then, place the back piece and front piece together with their right sides facing each other.

Line their edges and put a pin to keep them in place. Make sure to leave an opening.


Step #3. Ironing the curtain

You need to flip the right side of the curtain out and then take the curtain’s opening and start tucking its edges as well.

Then iron the curtain, including its edges.


Step #4. Sewing the curtain

Now, stitch all the curtain’s edges, starting with its opening to close it.

Flip the top of the curtain to leave enough opening for the curtain rod and pin it down.

Then, stitch it as well to put a curtain rod pocket. Remember to measure the curtain rod to ensure that it will fit in the pocket you made.


Step #5. Making its ties

Cut two ribbon pieces having twice the length of your curtain.

This step is to ensure that it can reach the other side.

You may not attach the ribbon to your curtain, so you can easily change its color later on.


Step #6. Hanging the tie-up curtains

Finally, you can now hang up your curtains into your window.

Then, tie and untie them accordingly, depending on how you want it.

Or you can follow the steps below.


6 Steps To Tie Up Curtains

You can tie up curtains in so many ways, depending on how you want them to look.

So, how to tie up curtains?

In this post, we will be teaching you the easy way to do it.


Step #1. Fold up the bottom of your curtains to raise them

Narrow folds can provide a neat look. Fold it back in forth until it reaches your desired height.


Step #2. Create ties

Clasp the ties hanging down your curtain – two ties from the left and two ties from the right.


Step #3. Tie the knot

Start at either side. For instance, you can tie the ties on the left first into a usual bow.

Make sure that the bow is snug and tight enough so that it can hold the curtain up.


Step #4. Do the method on the other side

Proceed to the other side and follow the same method you used in tying the bow earlier.


Step #5. Adjust the tie

Please take a few steps back to see whether or not they are even.

Adjust them accordingly if they are not even by tightening or loosening one tie.


Step #6.  Finish up

To lower the curtains, later on, you only need to untie those bows.

Regardless, you might want to read this article.

Nevertheless, that is all.


It’s A Wrap!

Tie-up curtains are both attractive and functional.

You can let it fall to block light and for extra privacy or tie up to allow the light to enter and see the view outside.

Either way, your curtain will look chic and pretty.

It is very simple and easy to tie it up and untie it later if you want.

In any case, it is also easy to make a tie-up curtain if you are into sewing and designing stuff yourself.

That is how to tie up curtains!

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