How To Insulate Around Window Air Conditioner? 3 Easy Steps!

Nice to see you again there, buddy. Are you wondering, “How to insulate around window air conditioner?” In performing this method, you will only be following three easy steps.

First, you need to identify the leaking parts, insulate around, and cover the air conditioner. The steps are easy; don’t worry about these things, my friends.

How to insulate around window air conditioner

Insulating your window air conditioning will bring you benefits. It can help you reduce your electric bill and lower the temperature of your room effectively.

Also, installing insulation can cool your room during the hot days and warm it during cooler days. It can also save the environment!

The insulation itself will be the best compliment to your window air conditioner in controlling the temperature of your room. For sure, you can insulate around your unit with a breeze.

That’s it. I know that you are very curious about making this method. So, without further ado, let’s get started by scrolling down and reading the article below.


Steps To Insulate Around Window Air Conditioner

This section will answer the question, “How to insulate around window air conditioner?”

Usually, this method is only for professional and licensed installers for your air conditioner. However, I have found some steps that you can do at your home.

You will only be gathering the following materials:

  • Scissors,
  • Measuring tape,
  • Lighter,
  • Insulation foam,
  • Adhesive tape,
  • Plastic bag, and
  • Fabric cover

Gather these materials now so that you can insulate already your air conditioner. Here are the steps you need to follow. Stay tuned.


Step #1. Identifying the leakage on your window air conditioner

Usually, insulating the air conditioner is essential after installing the cooling unit to your wall or window. With this, you should find and check if some gaps and spaces appear around the air conditioning unit.

Then, using your measuring tape, gather the data that describes the perimeter of your window air conditioning unit.

When measuring the perimeter, you need to put your measuring tape on all four sides of your window air conditioner. After that, it is just basic geometry.

Also, it is good to know that when checking leaks around your air conditioner, you can already see the light passing through it. If not possible, you can use a lighter in finding a hidden leak. When using a candle lighter, hold it inside of your room near the air conditioning unit.

Then, move the lights around the surroundings of your air conditioner. You will notice the fire of your lighter flicker and stutter. This sign will give you a hidden leak with that part of your window air conditioner.

Dear friend, I hope you will be careful in performing this step. Your safety is my priority. The next step will be the highlight of this process.


Step #2. Insulating the window air conditioner

If you have already checked and assessed all gaps and spaces of your air conditioner, it is time for insulating it.

Using a insulate material, preferably made from flexible foam, cut it according to the measurements from the perimeter of the window air conditioner.

After that, fill in the gaps that you have found using the insulating material. You need to be careful as it can move the window cooling unit slightly.

There will be some spaces that need insulation other than the perimeter of your window air conditioning. These are the upper and lower sashes of your unit.

The upper and lower sashes are parts of your window that can be moved. So, you need to insert the insulating foam through it.

Luckily, some hardware stores now offer insulating foams that come with adhesive strips. You can freely choose this variant according to your preference.


Step #3. Covering and protecting your window air conditioner

By covering your window air conditioner, you will extend its life and service in cooling your room effectively.

Also, protecting the unit will be safe from weathering and humidity damage from the outside climate. With this, you will be removing the air conditioner’s outer cover. Then, use adhesive tape and a plastic bag to cover the unit.

After that, you can already return the outer cover. Also, if you need additional protection, you can buy a window air conditioner fabric cover.

You will need the exact dimensions and measurements that fit right to your window air conditioning unit. The fabric cover itself will be in charge of protecting your window air conditioner from foreign damage that can hinder its service in cooling your room.

All the steps above need to have safety precautions. So, I advise you to be careful in performing this method.

Indeed, insulating your air conditioner is not an easy job to do. However, with determination, you can already do it yourself with the steps that I have given.



Great! You already know how to insulate around window air conditioner. I have given three steps that you can efficiently perform.

In insulating your air conditioner, you need to identify the gaps, insulate around the unit, and covering it from damage. If you want to read more articles, go here.

I hope this article answered your query. See you the next time!

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