How To Install Wick In Kerosene Heater? 4 Easy Steps!

Do you want to learn how to install wick in kerosene heater? Detaching the parts of water heaters can take you a little while as you need to loosen a few screws and wing nuts, but that’ll be the task that capped time. You can manage it easily and quickly. 

Replacing wick in kerosene heaters is not that hard, and you can do this accurately by yourself. Steps are simple and require removing the wick from the heater and placing the new one inside. But, you must do this task carefully to avoid spilling kerosene all over your place. 

how to install wick in kerosene heater

As there are various types of kerosene heaters, they differ from one another, and you might need to check your owner’s manual to identify the parts of your heater and avoid confusion. Are you ready, my friend? Let’s dive in! 


What Is A Kerosene Heater?

Kerosene Heaters are used to heat indoor spaces and produce indoor lights. This type of device is one of the essential devices you must have at home, especially if your country experiences winters or for emergency purposes. Kerosene heaters can be helpful whenever the electricity goes out and give you heat indoors aside from electric or gas-powered heaters or your furnace at home. On the other hand, they are more stable, easy to use, and last for more than ten years! 

A kerosene heater has a wick soak the kerosene to deliver the kerosene to the top that needs to be replaced every year. As the kerosene evaporates, it creates a fire that can heat spaces at home. Various types of kerosene heaters have igniters that can help you light your heater quickly, while some need to be lighted up manually but function similarly. Are you ready to learn how to install wick in kerosene heater, my friend? Then, let’s start!


Steps To Install Wick In Kerosene Heaters

Kerosene wick plays a significant role in your heater. This one is responsible for delivering the kerosene to the burner, so learning how to install wick in your kerosene heater is a must. If your wick has hardened or degraded tar, you need to replace it with a new one. Installing it is not more complicated as you think it is. You only need a few tools to loosen the screws, a table, or a flat surface area where you can dismantle your heater and hand gloves. 


Step #1. Choose area

Choose a clean and flat area to disassemble your heater. You can use a cloth or any container to secure the loose screws in one place if you prefer. On the other hand, it is best if you disassemble your kerosene heaters in either a huge table or floor and keep children away from the area in the meantime. If you get confused about the parts, you can take images before removing or loosening the screws to ensure the elements are in place after installing the new wick. It may be helpful to read about best portable kerosene heater for indoors.


Step #2. Remove the coverings

You can now remove the covers in your water heater, but make sure the heater has cooled off, emptied the tank, and has no remaining kerosene. After that, you need to remove the batteries in your heater if your heater supports an igniter. Remove the top guard of kerosene heaters by loosening the screws. Take the top plate off, and lift the burner assembly. Pull the wick adjuster knob out of the heater, open the fuel cap, unscrew the body, and lift it from the heater. You can access the wick underneath and remove it by folding it and sliding it out. Note that the wick is attached to sharp teeth, which can cause you physical injuries, so please be careful in removing old wicks.


Step #3. Install new wick

The new wick has a black line which you should align to the bottom of the adjuster. Fold the new wick and slide it inside the adjuster. Press the wick against the teeth to hold the wick firmly, so make sure you press it on each tooth. Start from the bottom to the upper part. After attaching the wick, check the gasket to see if it’s in place. To ensure that the wick is attached evenly, you can replace the wick and adjuster mechanism on the draft tube. 


Step #4. Check wick knob

After installing a new wick, you must ensure that the wick knob functions correctly. Check the wick adjusting knob by reinstalling the old knob, then move it in clockwise and counterclockwise. Check the clearance of the wick and draft tube, and tighten the nuts. Attach the shelter plate, then remove the adjusting knob you previously attached, as we will replace it with a new one too. Attach the body plate, install the new adjusting knob, and turn the knob clockwise. After installing the new adjusting knob, reinstall the other parts such as the heater body and top plate, screw them tightly, and attach the top guard. You can fill the tank with fuel and test it by lighting the heater. 


It’s A Wrap!

Now that you learned how to install wick in kerosene heater, you can now replace your old wick with a new one on your own. Replacing wicks is not too hard, right? If you are not good at reassembling parts, you can take images before detaching each component to make sure you put it back in place and get your kerosene heater to keep it going. You may also want to read about how to start a kerosene heater and how to stop kerosene heater from smelling

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