How To Install Water Heater Drain Pan? 6 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to install water heater drain pan? Don’t worry, and you have arrived at the right place. Shut off the electricity and water supply to the hot water system.

Unplug all pipework, including input and output pipelines and any additional connections. Its earthquake restraints must also be removed. Any link towards the hot water system renders lifting the pan and placing it beneath the heater problematic.

how to install water heater drain pan

You must need to elevate the tank tall enough just to lay the drain pan below after it’s been emptied. To avoid injuring oneself or ruining the pan, we strongly advise letting somebody assist you. Must check that the drain opening in the pan faces the drain and plug the Plastic pipe into drainage connections on the pan. Rejoin the heater’s supplies and ignite the pilot or turn off the switch. Inspect for cracks in the input and output water mains. Now lock the heater with the earthquake strapping. This is just a preview; continue to reading to discover more.


Steps To Install The Water Heater Drain Pan

The drip collection unit is a water heater drainage pan. This is a vital protective measure that is installed beneath the water heater. Building a drain pan may be done in under an hour if you get all of the necessary components on hand. Read on to learn more about how to install water heater drain pan. You might also want to learn water heater safety.


Step #1. Turn off power and supply lines

When installing the water heater drainage pan, the first stage is turning off the water heater’s power source. If something runs on gasoline, ensure that the gas flow is turned off. Switch off the power heater’s supply of water. To do just that, find & turn off the pipework.


Step #2. Disconnect the pipelines

When installing a water heater drain pan, disconnect the pipes connected to the heater. It is hard to lift the heater due to the linked lines. The heater’s earthquake belts must be removed.


Step #3. Remove any water that has remained

You’ll need to drain any remaining warm water from the water heater. This water may be heated, so use caution when emptying it. Connect a garden hose or another line to the water heater drain valve to drain the water. As simple as opening the valve, the heated water will continue to move through the nozzle. Allow anyone to assist you in lifting the water heater. Once all of the water was already eliminated, raise your water heater.


Step #4.  Put the drain pan

Pull the water heater and insert the heater pan underneath it simultaneously. Do the same with great caution, and ensure the heater is firmly raised. Put the increased heater back in its place just on the drain pan when installing the heater drain pan.


Step #5. Find the PVC pipe

PVC connections may be left on the side of the water pan. Additional references and pipelines that would assist discharge of the water gathered in the pan can be attached to this slot. Components like bends and joints should be glued with excellent grade PVC adhesive. Ensure that the connections are positioned so that water may flow freely to the outside. Make careful you tie a PVC strap around the pipe to keep it stable. Install an elbow connection just at the end of the line to direct the water more toward the floor.


Step #6. Final, check the drain pan

The water heater must be reconnected to all of the pipelines. Water and gas should be turned on. To check if the drain pan is correctly mounted, switch on the heater for just a trial run.


What Is A Drain Pan?

The heater drain pan is a pan that lies beneath the water heater. They feature a slot in which a drain connection is placed larger than the water heater. This drain connection is connected to a PVC pipe, which is then directed to a neighboring drain, in which the water may be properly evacuated without inflicting water damages.The water heater drain pan is a security device that protects the property from unforeseen spills. A little leakage in a water heater can start with only a droplet and glass of water. However, pinhole leaks go undiscovered once they become a more significant issue.


Cost Of Water Heater Drain Pan

If you only need a drain pan, you can get it for roughly $40. It will cost considerably extra if you need to pay anyone to set up this for you. Nevertheless, the work is usually straightforward, and it shouldn’t require more than just an hour to complete a drain pan is typically included in the entire implementation of the technology water heater. That’s the easiest way because the tank does not have to be drained. The plumber would merely place the pan, connect the water heater, then click the PVC pipes.


It’s A Wrap!

We are happy to know that you have learned how to install water heater drain pan. A drain pan is sometimes essential to prevent leakage in the water heater. If you want your water heater not to leak, place the drain pan under your water heater to avoid bad things. If you have time, please read how long to drain water heater and how to tell if water heater is gas or electric.

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