How To Install Wall Thimble For Garage Heater? 3 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to install wall thimble for garage heater? So, you have recently purchased a garage heater and want to mount it immediately? We have gotten your back. This guide will tell you the simplest and quickest way to install a wall thimble since it is the first and the most crucial step for mounting the garage heater. 

You must also know that you can vent the garage heater through the roof with the help of B-vent. This type of ventilation is cheap but difficult to perform.

How to install wall thimble for garage heater

So, we recommend you go with a thimble vent that is more reliable and relatively easy than a roof vent. Just follow the guidelines mentioned below, and you are good to go with setting up the garage heater. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dig deep into the main body!


What Is A Wall Thimble, And Why Do We Use It? 

The wall thimble is made with galvanized steel. It has two parts that fit on the interior and the exterior walls. The interior part is usually painted black to give an aesthetical view. A wall thimble serves the purpose of an insulating object between the wall and the vent pipe. But you don’t need a thimble if your walls have been manufactured with fireproof supplies, i.e., pure masonry. Otherwise, the hot pipe can set the home on fire due to combustible materials in the wall. That’s why a thimble is a crucial supply used for venting the garage heater and the pellet stove. First, let’s read the exact installed method. 


Steps To Mount A Wall Thimble

Now, if you have a wall thimble and other tools in your hands, it’s time to discover the actual method. You don’t need to call someone while installing the thimble, but the heater mounting requires a helping hand. So, keep reading to find the answer on how to install wall thimble for garage heater. You surely will enjoy the process just like us. 


Required tools and supplies  

  • Draw the circle: scribe tool, carbide scribe, or a pencil or paint pen. 
  • To drill the hole: A power drill, a 5/32 inches drill bit.
  • To fix the wall thimble: nut driver. 
  • To cut the hole: Rotozip and utility knife or reciprocating or jigsaw. 
  • To caulk the J-channel: Caulk gun and silicone caulk. 
  • To make the J-channel: Vinyl
  • To locate the wall studs: Stud detector


Step #1. Mark the circles

Firstly, please pick up the stud detector and slide it onto the wall. An indicator light will turn on once the detector finds a stud. Choose a stud-free area of the wall and then pick the exhaust pipe.

Hold the pipe flush with the stud-free wall area and drama circle with the help of a scribe tool, paint pen, or pencil. Make sure that the circle is of the exact diameter as the pipe. It will decide the thimble installation project’s do or die result. Next, hold the interior thimble part and place it over the first circle. Outline the first one. 


Step #2. Cut the hole

Take your jigsaw or roto zip and take the cutout of the thimble outline drawn on the garage wall. Then, remove the insulating sheet board by cutting it with the utility knife. Clear the hole by tucking the soft insulation in the place. Locate the center point of the first circle and mark it. Use your power drill after attaching the drill bit with it. Drill a hole that extends from the interior to the exterior wall. 

Next, you need to go out of the garage and locate the hole on the exterior wall. Outline the square part of the thimble on the wall sidings. Then cut the sidings inside the procedure to make a slot. Place the exterior thimble piece on the slot and draw a circle. Now, it’s time to cut the sheetrock. Use the rotozip or jigsaw to complete the pilot hole. 


Step #3. Position the thimble and add the finishing

Lastly, you need to place both pieces of the thimble in their respective positions and screw them with the nut driver. Now you are done with the installation of the thimble inside the garage. Move out and cut a J-channel frame out of the vinyl material. Fix it on all four sides of the wall slot and use silicone caulk to fix the frame in place. 

Clean up the mess, and voila! You are done with the thimble installation. You have to decide whether you want to set up the garage heater yourself or call a certified plumber. But I think you can do the rest of the work if you succeed in installing the thimble correctly. You may also be interested to know about the possible wall thimble issue.


It’s A Wrap!

A wall thimble is an essential component for installing the garage heater safely. You know all about chimney thimbles: passing safely through a combustible wall. You have learned the proper way, and now you can vent your garage heater without getting worried. Don’t forget to tell us how you like our effort to make you understand how to install wall thimble for garage heater. You may also want to read about what size garage heater I need and what size gas line for the garage heater.

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