How To Install Through The Wall Air Conditioner Sleeve? 7 Easy Steps!

How to install through the wall air conditioner sleeve? You will need to buy a durable sleeve and prepare basic tools like screws, caulking, and levels. For rooms with no windows, a through-the-wall air conditioner is ideal. One of the perks of having this air conditioner is placing it in any part of the room.

You will need a sleeve to contain the unit and allow it to perform its function of cooling the room. But first, cut a hole in the wall to hold the sleeves.

How to install through the wall air conditioner sleeve

If you’ve already prepared the necessary tools and materials, the installation process won’t be difficult or time-consuming.

You may also save money by doing it yourself rather than hiring someone to do it for you. Read on to learn what to consider when installing the sleeve and how to do it.


Important Points To Consider Before You Begin

Here are the things that you should consider when you install through the wall air conditioner sleeve:


Tip #1. Measure the wall’s thickness

Consider the thickness of the wall because some walls are thicker than others. Through-the-wall air conditioners vent outside, and so it is important to know the thickness of the wall. It will help you choose what sort of wall AC would be best for you to buy.


Tip #2. Place the air conditioner next to the outlet

The AC, of course, requires electricity to function. Make sure you select a place that is close to a power outlet. If the best place you have doesn’t have an outlet, I recommend that you install one.


Tip #3. Locate the studs

Pipes and wirings can be found inside the walls. If we don’t correctly find the studs, we risk cutting or damaging these objects. Therefore, inspecting and locating the studs is critical before cutting the wall.


Tip #4. Select a sleeve that is suitable with the AC’s size

The sleeve is usually included when you purchase a through-the-wall air conditioner. If this is the case, don’t worry; the unit will fit the sleeve perfectly. And when you buy the sleeve separately, make sure they are the correct size for the unit.


Steps To Install Through The Wall Air Conditioner Sleeve

Here’s how to install through the wall air conditioner sleeve:


Step #1. Mark out the wall

Outline the specific area of the wall that will be the opening where the unit will be installed. Locate the studs and make a mark on them.


Step #2. Cut out the plasterboard and remove the insulating foam

To cut the outside layer of the wall properly, follow the outline you drew in the first step. The insulating foam used to cover the leak and holes inside the walls will then appear. Remove it and inspect if there are pipelines or cables.


Step #3. Cut the studs and drill the corners of the wall

Studs are framing members of the wall. Remove any studs that could obstruct the opening. Make sure there is no wire or tubing linked to them before cutting them carefully. Next, drill the four corners of the wall, the first layer from the outside, to serve as a guide afterward.


Step #4. Place the header and footer which will hold the unit

The header and footer’s role is to keep the unit from falling. They’re built out of two-by-four lumber. Attach the lumber to the opening’s upper and lower edges. You can use Nails or screws to secure them.


Step #5. Place the sleeves after cutting the second layer of the wall.

To cut the second layer of the wall, trace the drill holes you made earlier. After that, place the sleeve through the opening.


Step #6. Screw the sleeves and caulk the exterior sides

Screw the sleeve’s lips and the wood on the sides together. That will also ensure that the sleeve is sturdy enough to support the unit. The edges outside of the sleeves can allow rain to pass through, causing harm to the unit’s system. To avoid leaks, caulk the outside edges.


Step #7. Position the air conditioner in the sleeves

The sleeve is already ready to contain the air conditioner unit at this point. Once the device is in its optimal position, screw it in place. Turn on the air conditioning and test the sleeves you installed yourself.



It will no longer be challenging to install an air conditioner in a room with no windows. All you have to do now is recall the basics of cutting the wall, securing the sleeves, and ensuring its stability.

The procedure will be more spontaneous if you consider the location of the wall and the studs inside it. Also, consider how much money you could save if you are willing to learn how to do it yourself.

That’s all for “How to install through the wall air conditioner sleeve?” I hope you learned something from this text. For more interesting articles, click here.

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