How To Install Heat Pump Water Heater? 7 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to install heat pump water heater? You have to replace the old unit with a new one by removing the old pipes that attach the old water heater with a new one. To do this, you’ll need some tools and materials to help you in the whole replacement process. But before everything else, we’ll know what’s a heat pump first. 

A heat pump is what makes our warm water for our daily use. Whether the water heater is for taking a bath or for the dishwasher, having hot water right within your reach is very convenient.

how to install heat pump water heater

But how can you install a heat pump water heater, especially if you don’t know how? Well, I’ve got your back. I also have been in a situation like you, where I did not know what to do. After some thorough research, I have found the easiest one to understand. So if you are done skimming through all of those websites and pages looking for the proper steps in installing a heat pump for your water heater, then look no further than this article you are reading. Just follow these simple few steps, and you’re good to go.


Steps To Install Heat Pump Water Heater

Before you take action, you’ll first need to prepare the following things because you’re going to need them throughout the whole process. Ensure PVC piping for the pipe joints, PVC glue, pipe cutters, and wrenches. Get your new water pump heater unit ready also. Here are the steps on how to install heat pump water heater.


Step #1. Shut power and water supply

After preparing the materials and tools for the job, you will have to completely shut the electric water heater off and close the valve connecting to the main water supply. Turning the sources off will make the installation easier with no water and electricity flowing through the unit and pipes.


Step #2. Connect a hose

Next is to drain the water from the old water heater by connecting a hose at the bottom of the water heater. Ensure to get the water out if you will store the old water heater away. Using a PVC cutter, cut the pipes connecting to the old water heater and remove the unit.


Step #3. Install a heat pump

After removing the old heater unit, replace it with the new one. Place the new water heater and connect it to the valve for the main water supply. Use appropriate sizes of pipes and type that matches the old water line. Using bigger or smaller ones will make your work difficult. SO before you install the new unit, make sure to buy the right ones for the job. You may also be interested to know about how it works heat pump water heaters.


Step #4. Add vacuum valve

Install the vacuum valve at the top of the heater. Doing so will prevent the water heater from collapsing from its position, especially when it is off. Ensure to add an appropriate amount of PVC tape to prevent water leakage and pressure release when the water heater is ON.


Step #5. Checking

One of the essential steps in installing units is the checking stage. The checking stage will see the joints and the settings at the correct valve or the right temperature. Ensure the new water heater is checked to see if it has both temperature and pressure relief valves installed correctly.


Step #6. Expansion valve and tank

Now, some water heater unit needs an expansion valve and tank. For what purpose are these expansion tanks for? These expansion tanks and valves I’m talking about will aid your water heater when too much pressure comes out of the heated water. The pressure from the water heater will go through the expansion valve and stay in the expansion tank until a certain pressure is stable; the valve will release the water from the tank.


Step #7. Testing

To test if you have wholly and successfully installed the new water heater, plug the water heater in your power outlet and start turning the water supply back on to fill it. Check for possible leakage from the pipes and valves ensure that it is tightly closed. Then try testing the new water heater to see if it works well the way you want it to be.


Why Install Your Own?

There are too many reasons to install your water heater pump by yourself. One of which is to save labor costs. If you hire a professional to do the job, you will have to spend at least $500, but doing it yourself will help you save that much. Another is the tools easy to find. You can find the tools you’re going to need to help you get the job done. You can also manage your time by doing it in your free time after having your materials and permit to build ready. Following the steps above will make the whole process organized and easy to follow.


It’s A Wrap

No more scrolling through those pages on the internet as if you followed the steps on how to install heat pump water heater. You’ll be using the new one in no time. Just remember to clean up after the job is done. We don’t want anyone getting cut and burned from the pipes. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to install a recirculating pump on a water heater and who makes US craftmaster water heater.

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