How To Install Countertop Over Washer And Dryer? 3 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering about how to install countertop over washer and dryer? You can install the countertop in 3 steps; drawing a level line, installing a client, and supporting or with a roof.

If you’re installing your countertop on a front load dryer and washer, keep in mind that the frame will be the same regardless of what material you pick for the countertop.

how to install countertop over washer and dryer

In the laundry room, a countertop is a must. A countertop between the washer and dryer offers space to fold stuff and store detergent and other washing cleansers. Well, my friends, to learn more about the countertop installation and its foundation, keep in touch with this post!


How To Build A Counter Over A Clock And Dry

Deciding how to install a wash countertop is not a complicated project. If you place your counter over the front loader and dryer, the support structure below will look very similar regardless of the material you use on the countertop. The way I share it here can be used to install any type of floating table.

What is the best way to keep a table dry? Typically, laundry rooms have a counter over the front load and dryer washer. This simple method uses a combination of cleats and roof to achieve that.

The cleat offers a brace that keeps the countertop to the top of the wall, and the roof provides support under the countertop so that it does not shrink.

In our case, we had a sink near the clock and a dryer, so we used the last roof to support one side of the countertop. However, if our washer and dryer were in place and there were walls on three sides, we could not use this method using cleats. If you do not have washer and dryer at home, check out where to rent a washer and dryer

In this paragraph, we’ll discuss the basic steps that help you install a countertop of a washer and dryer. So, how to install countertop over washer and dryer?


Step #1. Level Line

The first step in placing the counter over the washer and dryer is to draw a level line to indicate the bottom area of ​​the table. If you want to move and unpack your washing machines, you will need to have a moving room, so you do not have a countertop that touches the tops of the devices.


Step #2. Install a cleat on the wall

Sean used a 3/4 piece of plywood cut into 2 “strips to make cleats. He glued the cleats with construction adhesive and applied the cleats to the poles. You will notice that the cleat on the right side is mitered at the end and recessed from the countertop’s surface. By doing this, the cleat will not be visible once the countertop is installed. You can even paint the color of your wall to make it invisible.


Step #3. Support the countertop with a gable

If y The roof is placed directly between the washer and dryer and placed in a horizontal piece from the front of the machine to the back wall, vertical pieces facing the rear cleat. A short upper vertical piece will squeeze into the cleat.

First, you will need to turn a portion of space (the same thickness as a cleat) under your wall on the lower vertical work and then fold in that. Next, a long horizontal piece will be charged under the countertop. For more tips and ideas, know how to install a stackable washer or dryer


How to build a countertop foundation or substrate?

When you develop your countertop, say it with plywood; here is an example of how you can make it. This countertop comprises a 3/4 plywood sheet with “3/4” extra strands around the perimeter and in the middle.

Use a combination of L brackets and screws to attach the countertop and gable. First, place your countertop in a reclining position on the cleat. You have to hold the countertop with one hand while the other connects the L brackets around the counter perimeter.

Remove one side of the L from the countertop and the different from the cleat. Next, slide your gallery into place. Use L brackets on top of the roof with one side screwed under the countertop (middle piece horizontally) and the other into the ceiling. So, a piece of additional information, read on installing substrate under countertop. 


Importance Of Countertop

They are water and temperature-resistant, are hygienic, and can create a beautiful appearance combined with stainless steel sinks. Stainless steel cost heavily, but we called and found a local builder with fantastic value and fast change. Because we have built the substrate ourselves and re-installed it, we save on costs. amount

We have already made tons of clothes, and I must say that it is fun to pack clothes and have this counter on the wash and dryer. This soon becomes one of our favorite rooms in the house. So, to give you a clear perspective, know why are countertops so important for your kitchen


It’s A Wrap!

We were hoping that reading this article is just fun for you, and after reading these steps, you’ll be able to get the answer to how to install countertop over washer and dryer. Countertops are beneficial; they provide a room for towels, detergents, and many more and primarily protect your washer from any damage!

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