How to Install Boat Seats Swivel

It is a common misconception that boat seats swivel. In reality, even if you have swiveling boat seats, they will not automatically rotate when the vessel turns. That said, how do you install them? This post is going to show how to install a boat seat swivel!

Steps on How to Install Boat Seats Swivel

Step 1. Start with a properly assembled base and seat. The screws should be tightened before you install the seats to ensure that everything is sturdy.

How to Install Boat Seats Swivel

Step 2. Make sure your swivel mechanism is installed securely, so it will not budge when you turn or pivot on the boat chair. If there are any loose bolts/screws, tighten them up.

Step 3. Get a helper to help you line up the seat on top of the base so that it is centered and level with no gaps or twists from front to back. You will want your swivel mechanism to be at eye level, which means how high you install it should also depend on how tall you are.

Step 4. Insert the screws to hold down the seat by its bottom lip, and tighten them securely.

Step 5. Make sure that your swivel mechanism is firmly secure on top of the base plate before you do any repositioning or moving with it – how to install boat seats swivel!

How to Fix Swivel Mechanism

Step 1. If the swivel mechanism is not working how you want it to, and your boat seats are mounted securely with no gaps or twists from front to back, there may be a problem that needs fixing.

Step 2. It’s possible that one of the screws holding down the seat bottom lip isn’t tight enough, so tighten them up.

Step 3. It’s also possible that the swivel mechanism is not on top of the base plate, so reposition and try again.

Step 4. If it seems like the bolts holding down your boat seats are keeping them from spinning freely in place, you may want to consult a professional for how to install boat seats swivel!

How to Care for Boats Seats Swivel

You don’t need to worry about how how to install boat seats swivel, but there are a few things you should be aware of concerning how care for boat seats swivel:

Step 1. Keep your boating surfaces clean and free from any dust or debris.

Step 2. Avoid contact with petroleum products because they can cause the rubber to perish.

Step 3. Use only mild soap and water for seat swivel; if you want to use a spot remover, be sure it is safe for plastics and types of vinyl.

Step 4. Do not get any liquids into the crevices of the seat swivel or on the holes.

How to Prevent Damaging on Boat Seat Swivel

If are concerned about how to prevent damage on boats seat swivel, you’ll definitely want to know these:

Place a towel or cloth under the chair’s feet so they don’t scratch against your floor.

If the finish of your chairs is peeling off, it can lead to scratches. To prevent this, use a light touch when moving the chair back and forth.

Use furniture pads with adhesive backing under any chairs that are going on hardwood floors or tile so they don’t scratch them.

How to install adjustable crossbar kit

The adjustable crossbar kit is made up of a set of two wood pieces, and comes in lengths from 18″ to 36″.

For the wide versions (24″, 30″, 34″), you can install them with just one screw for each side.  For narrower sizes, use three screws per piece.

Step 1. When installing the crossbar, make sure to use the pre-drilled holes and screws that come with it.

Step 2. To protect your boat seat from scratching against the aluminum of a metal frame, place two layers of cloth tape between them before securing in place with strips of masking tape.  Make sure there are no gaps where they might touch if they shift with use.

Step 3. You may need to drill more holes in your boat seats if you are installing them on a metal frame.

Place the seat on the floor and set the crossbar over it, then measure how long it needs to be and mark how high up you want the back of the chair to go.

Step 4. If you’re installing on a metal frame, measure how long the crossbar needs to be.  If your boat seats are too high for them to fit on the frame without hitting the tie-down points or swinging inboard over them when they swivel, make some cuts, and then use scrap pieces of aluminum sheeting at both ends of the crossbar to hold it up.

Step 5. If the crossbar is too long, cut and bend some metal as needed so that you can fit them on your boat seats how they need to go without hitting anything else or swinging inboard over any tie-down points when they swivel.

When everything looks like it’s how it needs to be, but the crossbar on top of your boat seats and then drill some holes through both pieces.

Step 6.Use bolts with washers in them that are long enough to go through all three parts and still leave a little bit sticking out at each end to screw nuts onto when you’re done grilling.

Put the bolts in and screw on a nut to hold it tight.

Tighten them all down as much as you can and then put some lock tight or thread locker compounds on top of the nuts before tightening them even more which will make sure that they don’t loosen up at any point in time.

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