How To Install Bed Slats? 3 Easy Steps For You!

How to install bed slats? Installing bed slats can be a tough job, especially if you are doing it alone.

But don’t worry, because this article will provide easy steps for you to follow.

how to install bed slats

Bed slats are one of the essential parts that complete a bed.

They are an array of support beneath the frame that holds your mattress in place on top.

So, they have to be durable for them to support you for a long time.

The slats come in various designs and materials, making it easier to choose from what you prefer to have.

They are interchangeable, though they may be complex and will take up a lot of time.

Because it requires maximum effort to work for it to be done.

Most beds nowadays have built-in slats in them.

Which is hard to be interchanged, though can we still change this by any chance?

As far as we know, yes, it still can be.

More and more companies nowadays release various furniture that you can choose from depending on your preference.

So, here, we will give you the best methods to follow and apply to make your task done in no time.


Fast And Easy Steps To Install Bed Slats

Bed slats are a type of base specially made for the bed.

This plays a vital role in supporting the mattress by an array of connected bars that run across each other.

They also have many varieties to choose from depending on what type you want to the size, width, and materials you want.

But bed slats aren’t always that strong to carry things around.

Some might break anytime without further notice due to heavy usage.

That will require the repair or replacement of a new slat.

It needs to be snuggled into the previous slots of the old bed slats.

With proper usage and handling it with care.

It can last you for a very long time, depending on how you use your bed often.

We are glad that this question was asked to us by you people.

Because we can explain how things flow and work our way in this article.

Below is a list of methods that you can follow to apply these steps on how to install bed slats.

Always make sure that when doing this type of project that involves any dangerous materials that can harm you.

We recommend that you bring safety gear with you all the time.

To ensure that nothing happens whenever danger is coming.

Now let us start with the steps to finish installing bed slats in no time without the hassle and all.


Step #1. Disassembling your bed frame

If you broke your current bed slat and already had a new slat to replace the old one.

Then, you should get started by disassembling the pieces one by one.

It varies on the different types of beds.

So, I suggest that you look into the instruction manual.

If ever there is one to make sure you are on the right track.

For beds that are easy to remove and require less force to do.

You’ll need to start by locating and taking out each screw or bolt so that it will be easier for you to pull.

Once you have removed all of them, make sure to hide your screws in a zip lock bag.

To ensure that you will lose no screws in the process.

You should also remove your old bed slats from the bed once you’ve detached all the parts that make them together.


Step #2. Reattaching the side rails

It is best to start only one side first and then put the screws into their respective holes.

Make sure that they are tightly fitted to avoid unnecessary movements.

Now, you’d want to repeat this step on each corner until you have snugged them into the holes tightly to better support.


Step #3. Installing your new bed rails

Now that you have the parts all attached into place sort out all your bed slats.

Making sure that they will fit nicely into the rails.

There are happenings that the measurement of the bed slats does not follow the exact length of the rail.

Which means you’ll have to improvise on the spot.

If you have a tool ready with you, like a saw, you can first measure the area.

Where in, needs to be cut off using a marker and then see off the excess to let it fit in.

Next, you’ll have to simply put on wood glue on each part of the slots making sure that when the bed slats are placed.

They are restricted from moving.

Put something heavy above the slats for around an hour to tighten up and fit perfectly into the areas.

Now that you have your bed slats installed, put back all of your things in there.

And you are now ready to rest at your bed afterward once you are done.



Now that you are done and know how to install bed slats.

You will be able to have your newly constructed bed slats attached to your bed.

It is time that you enjoy your sleeping experience without any worries

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