How To Install Baby Jogger Car Seat Base

The Baby Jogger car seat base is designed to work with the stroller and allow you to take your baby in their car seat anywhere. The installation process can be a little tricky, but we’ll walk you through How To Install Baby Jogger Car Seat Base step by step.


How To Install Baby Jogger Car Seat Base

Steps on How To Install Baby Jogger Car Seat Base

The Baby Jogger car seat can be used with several different models of the company’s strollers. The base is compatible with a variety of car seats from companies such as Chicco, Graco, and Peg Perego.

Step 1. The first step is to take off the cover of the car seat base, then remove the orange safety lock which is found in front of the car’s passenger-side door. 

Step 2. Next, insert one hand into each opening on either side of where you want your child’s car seat to go and pull up. 

Step 3. With both hands inserted onto either side of where you would like your child’s car seat to go, lift up on the handlebar until it locks into place with a click sound. 


How Do You Install A Car Seat Base?

You’ll need to first install the vehicle seat belt. If you have a newer car, there’s usually an L-shaped hook at the end of your seatbelt that can be removed or raised to release it from its locked position.

You then want to feed one side through the correct slot for your make and model (there are eight different ones) before feeding it back into itself again. 

The buckle should now sit in between two little posts on either side; push down gently so they snap together. Finally, tighten up your belt by pulling hard on both sides. You don’t want any wiggle room here. 

Once you’ve installed the base, make sure everything is secure. Tighten up all belts by pushing them down. 


How do I make sure my car seat base is installed correctly?

If you’re using a car seat base, make sure to follow these steps. First, place the bottom of your child’s seat into the lower LATCH anchors or in your vehicle’s seat belt if it doesn’t have lower LATCH anchors. Then tighten down both sides evenly until they are snug against the seat.

Try not to over-tighten them because this could cause damage to the surface beneath where you attached them and may even prevent you from removing them when needed for another ride.

If you ever need to uninstall either type of attachment point (lower anchor or shoulder/lap belts), there is usually one-click release on each side so that way reattachment will be easy next time around.


How Do You Adjust A Baby Jogger Car Seat?

Now that your little one is big enough to sit up and enjoy the ride, you should adjust the car seat for a more comfortable position. To do this:

While facing forward, hold onto both handles of the stroller with one hand on each. Lean back slightly as if waiting for someone to push you from behind or lift yourself off the ground by standing straight up while keeping your legs at hip-width. You will be using all those muscles in your arms. 

Now release them slowly until they are fully extended but not locked out (the key here is control). With your arms still straight but unlocked, grasp only one handlebar firmly with just four fingers (no thumb) reaching around front towards where baby’s harness would.


How Do You Buckle A Car Seat Without A Base?

You can buckle a car seat into the vehicle without using the base by following these steps:

Put your baby in his or her car seat. If you’re having trouble getting him to sit up, use rolled receiving blankets on either side of their torso to help prop them up for now. Now follow one of two ways below to “buckle” this type of infant carrier.

The first way is more complicated but it has less chance of harming your baby than the second method so please read both directions carefully before proceeding.

The first option involves putting some tension onto the harness strap that goes over your child’s legs and then threading each clasp through its corresponding slot at least halfway (while keeping tension on all the straps) and then continuing to buckle the harness from there.

The second way is easier but it’s not as safe because your baby could still be able to wiggle out of this type of infant carrier while you’re driving, especially if you have a tall vehicle, so please take extra care with him/her.

Start by fastening both chest clips together first without any tension on them at all (this will keep the chest clip in place so that they won’t get loose), next, go ahead and fasten each clasp through its corresponding slot at least halfway before buckling the rest.


How Do You Remove Baby Jogger From Stroller?

To remove the baby jogger you need to first collapse it. To do this, pull on the strap and push down on the seat bottom until it is fully collapsed and locked in place with a click sound.

Next lift the release lever on both sides of the stroller frame to unlock wheels from the attachment point then disengage the wheel lock by pulling up the toggle switch towards the front tire. 

Finally, simply lift the backside of the child tray assembly for easy access to tires that are connected via quick-release skewers that can easily be removed by turning clockwise until they pop out. It takes just seconds.

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