How To Install An Electric Pool Heater? 4 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to install an electric pool heater? Stop wondering, and you have arrived at the right place. Now it’s worth noting that distinct sorts of heaters could have exceptional setup methods, and today we’re going to awareness on the way to installing an electric-powered pool heater.

First, you need to find the best place where you are going to install this heater, and you also need a nearby electric connection to operate the electric pool heater.

how to install an electric pool heater

The worst factor that may happen with electric pool heater installation is that it won’t switch on properly (because of the integrated protections of the heat pump). If you find your pool is simply too cold to enjoy, don’t forget to install an electric-powered pool heater. This is a specific challenge for a do-it-yourself with little experience. A most crucial gain to sure models of electric pool heater is that they can also cool the pool down and warm it up. Keep reading to discover more.


Importance Of Electric Pool Heater

Electric pool heaters are especially encouraged while your property has solar panels set up on the roof for power savings. These units require quite a piece of strength. This heater, like several heaters, will heat your pool quicker and extra efficaciously with a variable pace pump. A predominant benefit to specific fashions of electric heaters is that they can also cool the pool down and heat it. Under the solar system, we know that outside pools, on occasion, sense like bathwater.

This can make an electric pool heater an excellent alternative for those looking to warm up the collection. A most traditional alternative, electric units have similar warming abilities as gasoline and solar pool heaters. It isn’t the fastest way, but it is adequate for pool use regularly. Electric systems include many moving parts and may require periodic repair and coolant replacement. Even though it is powered by air, it is a fantastic choice for hot climates. This usually has little effect on the unit’s functioning.


Steps To Install An Electric Pool Heater

Electric pool heaters are the best way to heat the pool water in colder times. We are going to discuss the installation process of the electric pool heater. Just follow the four steps underneath on how to install an electric pool heater:


Step #1. Find the best place

Because you’ll be attaching the heater to an electrical outlet and the pool’s water pump & filter, position the heater near the outlet as practical, if you can’t locate a spot for the heater close either, you’ll need to put an outlet near it or connect long pieces of PVC piping to the pool’s motor. Maintaining a safe distance The heater’s back and non-plumbed edges require a minimum of 8 feet of space. At least 10 inches of space is required on the water-connection side, with 16 inches preferred. There must be at least twenty-four inches of space in front of the pool heater.


Step #2. PVC pipe cutting

When you’ve decided on a site for the heater, you’ll need to choose a spot for the pool’s filter’s outflow hose. Make an impression on this pipe near the water pipe connector on the heater. That’s the location on the pool line in which you will attach the feeding to the heater. Add a second line 7″ away from the very first. Water from the heater should join the pipe which leaves the filter & pours water into the swimming pool through this opening. Between two markings you drew, slice out a section of the water pipe. Trim two parts of PVC pipe towards the precise lengths you’ll have to stretch from the water connection on the heater to the bend fittings you’ll connect to the water pipe.


Step #3. Attach the PVC pipe to your heater

Attach a PVC bend connection to the bottom of the pool filter’s exit pipe and attach one of the cut 22″ PVC sections. Connect a reference to the heater’s water intake aperture, put one tip of the 24″ PVC pipe into the bend, the other half into the heater’s fitting, and glue the elbow and heater fitting joints together. Repeat this step until the additional 22″ PVC pipe is attached to the heater’s outlet aperture on one end, and the best fitting on the pipe provides water to the swimming pool on the other side. You may also be interested to know about PVC pipe for pool heater.


Step #4. Finish the process of installation 

Then connect the heater’s AC cable, switch on the recirculation pump and filtration, and check the water in the pool around which the water comes from the heater after several minutes. Put on the swimwear and prepare for your first toasty swimming if the temperature is high.


Electric Pool Heater Installation Cost

While installing a pool heater takes an initial outlay, it allows you to get the most out of the expenditure by enjoying the pool for much more extended periods. The pool heater may cost anywhere from $400 to $5,000, depending on the configuration and ongoing costs, with the typical cost being approximately $3,000.


It’s A Wrap!

We are delighted to know that you have learned how to install an electric pool heater. The process of installation just includes four simple steps as mentioned above. Don’t hesitate to know these things too; read about how to size a pool heater and how to plumb a pool heater. Thank you, friends, for reading this article till the end. 

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