How To Install Air Conditioner In Sliding Window Horizontal? 4 Easy Steps!

How to install air conditioner in sliding window horizontal? There are four steps you need to know on how to install your air conditioner in a horizontal sliding window; this article will discuss those steps below.

Numerous countries have limited air conditioners designed for double-hung windows that they desire to utilize in horizontally sliding windows.

How to install air conditioner in sliding window horizontal

It is feasible to construct a structure to convert these air conditioners to sliding windows. This case happens if you tend to have a few of them. Furthermore, their prices are much lower than fixed units, mobile units, or central air.

Usually, we tend to see horizontal sliding windows in our home specifically, in rooms. It is easy to build and install your air conditioner in that manner. However, you must not forget to prepare your materials before doing such a thing. Without it, you cannot do the installation successfully.

You can install different types of air conditioners in your sliding window. Preferably, you must install portable, window, or ordinary air conditioners. I believe that central air conditioner or split types are not possible.

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Steps To Install Air Conditioner In Sliding Window Horizontal

It only takes a few steps to install your air conditioner. This process will help you attain your goal.

To answer the question: how to install air conditioner in sliding window horizontal? Here are the following steps you need to remember:


Step #1. Measure

The first step you need to do is to measure your air conditioner width. Also, include outlets that protrude from the side in this calculation.

Then, do not forget to estimate and calculate the height. This measured height must also be the height of the frame, not including the top or base lips.

Next, you must also measure the length of the window opening (height). This measurement should be taken right up against the glass since it will provide you the tiniest opening length.

Minimal mistakes can slant away from the window, resulting in an excessively lengthy height.


Step #2. Trim the wood and construct the frame

First, cut the desired length and width of your lumber. Then, consider the measurements you take to guide you.

Place a shorter slab of two by four on the floor and secure the tips of the long slabs to the smaller piece. Use deck screws, two at each connecting point, considering the depth of the wood.

Make a rectangle by inserting one small slab of two by four between the long ones on the opposite end. First, check to see if the edges are square.

It is an excellent option to insert this rectangle into the window frame to ensure it works.

It should be able to slip into place and rest against the glass panel. You may use screws to assist wedge it in position if it is a bit slack during the setup.


Step #3. Put the frame together

The next step is to rinse your air conditioning unit. Place the air conditioner in the framework with the bottom part against the outside. The upper lip is likely U-shaped, with the rear side slightly short.

Place the final two-by-four piece over the top. But don’t tighten it just yet. Tilt the air conditioner so that the forward upright portion of the upper lip aligns perfectly with the front corner of the wooden frame. But, first, it is to find out where this section of two by four should go.

Take a glance at the entire setup while you’re keeping the air conditioner in place to ensure it is leaning back enough.

The experts designed air conditioners to tilt oppositely from the windowpane to empty. If you think this inclination is too little, remove this last piece of wood to make it less than 3.5 inches broad before putting it in position.

Put this piece of wood in its proper location on the structure and label it. Label the rim of the front where it will come into contact with this piece of frame as well.

This mark helps determine the size of the sheet of wood that will conceal the gap at the top of the frame. Disable the air conditioning unit again from the framework and replace it with this piece of wood.


Step #4. Installation of AC

Gently open the window and move the panel inside oppositely on the window structure to complete the installation. Fasten it into place with lengthy screws via the piece of wood and into the structure surrounding the window aperture if you wish to add more stability.

Use angle brackets for the sides that you find hard to screw in. Install the air conditioner by sliding it into position and securing it with a screw. You may also use clamps to press the frame in place if it appears to be a bit slack.

Lastly, do not forget to fill all the gaps that appear in your frame. The cool breeze from your AC can escape in those holes.



Again, there are only four steps you need to learn on how to install your AC on horizontal windows. First, do not forget your materials such as wood, screws, and the like.

Doing this installation is not that hard. First, however, you must be aware of what air conditioner you own.

I hope I answered your question: How to install air conditioner in sliding window horizontal?

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