How To Install A Wood Stove Pipe Through A Metal Roof? 6 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to install a wood stove pipe through a metal roof? When you put a wood stove pipe, make sure you verify the national construction rules in your location.

Put the wood stove pipe in the required spot, add flashing, make a hole, hook the wood stove pipe via the chimney, and put the wood stove pipe chimney top to install a wood stove through a metal roof.

how to install a wood stove pipe through a metal roof

Perhaps, the most critical whenever you’re installing a wood-burning at home is the chimney. If you wish to exhaust it and enable the stove to work perfectly, it will require you to allow it to emerge through the roof and attic properly. This might be quite challenging if your roof is constructed out of metal. We know that it’s not enough to understand well; if you would like to learn more about the steps involved in this process, stay with us until the end. So without further ado, let’s get started!


Ways To Install Wood Stove Pipe Through Metal Roof

You’re well aware that running stovepipes through a metal roof are quite challenging. However, you don’t have to be concerned; read these guidelines. Here are the steps on how to install a wood stove pipe through a metal roof:


Step #1. Position the stove properly

Before starting the process, you first need to put the wood stove in its desired position.  If you’ve done so before, it will make your job much easier. After that, you have to set the stove connector with a chimney pipe. 


Step #2. Make a mark using your pen or pencil

One plumb bob indicates the pipe’s center on the roof’s overlapping plywood. Next, at the spot where you placed the mark, drill a large enough hole to allow air to circulate through the top. This process is carried out to make a small hole inside the chimney’s core.


Step #3. Draw a circle around the hole’s perimeter

When you acquire the ability to utilize a compass, this stage will become much more manageable. You must first determine the exterior size of the opening that your chimney will require. It must be performed on the outside of the metal roof. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and any construction codes that may apply. It is strongly advised to leave at least one or two inches between the pipe’s area and the nearby materials. Because building a chimney so near to a fire hydrant might present a risk of fire while it is in action.


Step #4. Dig a hole

Take out the jigsaw and use a composite blade to make a hole between plywood and a metal roof. Seal the gap that has just been made with the sealant. The flashing should be lowered a little. Using a pencil, put a distinction across the top of the corner. Before going ahead, you need to use the sharp cutters to cut through the flashing anywhere the line is drawn.


Step #5. Incorporate the flashing

After you’ve created a line under the rooftop and roof sheet, you may install the flashing top section. After that, glide across the chimney pipe’s opening. Apply a half-inch strand of external-grade caulk to raise the roof some few feet. Where it hits the flashing face, it must have been a half an inch just above the roof’s end. Press down underneath the outside section of the bottom to connect with the flashing this time.


Step #6. Install the chimney 

Read the directions with the stove chimney to put it all together. Out the flashing and chimney collars via the hole in your rooftop when you’ve finished putting it together. The bottom section must next be secured to the wood stove’s flanges. Know how to install faber chimney in kitchen.


Step #7. Put chimney top

Keep in mind the chimney pipe is securely fastened and flat with the roof’s top before completing, for this you need to read the instruction on the given manual.  Securing the flashing with caulk is always a good option, and it can also be locked in place with fasteners. Instead of the bottom edge, the screws should be inserted into the flashing sidewalls. The cap of the chimney should now be installed. Pot a small caulk on both surfaces of the flashing. To prevent humidity and moisture, tie it over any openings in the collar.


What’s a metal roof chimney boot?

Chimney pipe boots are a distinct sort of flashing. These are better suited to tiny, circular chimneys and might be suitable for a metal roof’s stove chimney. You may buy a matching boot for your chimney pipe rather than trying to cut flashing pieces yourself. You may also be interested to know about how to start a fire in a wood stove without kindling and how to run wood stove pipe through wall.


It’s A Wrap!

We are glad you enjoyed this article and comprehend how to install a wood stove pipe through a metal roof. Installing a wood stove is not very simple; you must thoroughly understand it. Therefore, if you put your wood-burning stove pipe in place, simply follow the steps outlined above and have fun. Thank you, friends, for being with us until the end, don’t forget to share this article with your friends if you like it!

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