How To Install A Washer And Dryer? Read The Complete Guide!

Are you frustrated because you cannot figure out how to install a washer and dryer? As the excitement is on high peaks after buying a new machine. But believe me, It is not rocket or space science to install a washer and dryer without any professional help. 

Usually, we are afraid to do work related to gas and electricity. Still, if we follow the basic precautionary measures, there is no need to call an installation company and the hundreds of bucks. We will tell you some super easy steps to hook up the washer and dryer. Then, it’s time to impress your fellows by showing your electrician side to them. Let’s begin to read this article!

how to install a washer and dryer


How To Install A Washer?

So, let’s elaborate on the steps on how to install a washer and dryer. First, let’s discuss how you can install your washer. Follow the steps below to install the washer:


Step #1. Join pipes to the machine and wall valve

Here comes the first step of joining pipes to the machine’s red and blue colored valves. Just twist the lines counterclockwise from the washer-bearing end part. Next, make sure to insert the rubber sealing washers on the sides of the hoses. These will protect the metal end of the hoses from rusting and leakage. Repeat the same process while connecting pipes to the valve at the wall.


Step #2. Drainpipe setup

Setup the drainpipe on the water outlet. If the drain hose is not of enough length, there is a risk of spilling water. Then change it with a longer one. To fix a pipe, place the drain hose and valve of the washer. Place a clamp and tighten it with a screwdriver. And put the other U-shaped end of the hose in the drainpipe. There is no need to fix it with a wrench. You are done with the setting of the washer. Open the water valve, and you are ready to wash clothes. But wait, set the dryer first.


How To Install A Dryer?

You can install the dryers yourself without paying any washer and dryer installation costs like washers. Before installing, check out if your dryer uses gas or electricity. 


Installing the electric dryer

To install an electric dryer, you need a fire-resistant duct hose. It will protect your house from catching fire in case of any emergency. Also, check if the dryer is approved for electricity or gas. You can stretch the duct hose from the actual size into a longer one.  Now connect the duct hose to the exhaust port at the bottom of the dryer. After securing the duct hose to the machine, the final step of fitting the duct hose on the vent comes. If the vent is not matching in size with the duct hose, you have two choices.

Reduce the size of the vent by using a crimper and pressing it around the vent, and making it according to the length of the duct hose. The second option is to squeeze the duct hose slightly to fit on the vent. Adjust the hose by applying a clamp and fixing it with a screw. You can also use self-clamp screws to improve the duct hose. Repeat the same procedure, and you are done. 


Installing the gas dryer

If you have a gas dryer, there is a slightly different technique to install it. But you have to follow some precautions because gas operations can be hazardous. These safety measures are

Don’t use a metal foil vent. Instead, a heavy metal vent will work well for exhaust purposes. Remove the combustible items from the gas valve. Double-check to close the gas valve from the main point. Always use a shut-off gas valve. Read the manual carefully to avoid any dangerous incident.

Slide the gas pipe on the gas inlet, and then fix it with an adjusting clamp. Make sure to use the plumbing tape or pipe joint compound to avoid leakage. Also, spray a mixture of soap and water on the gas pipe joints. This mixture will bubble up in case of any leakage. After joining the lines to the gas inlet, repeat this method to fix the tube with the gas outlet. Then slide the dryer hose and clamp to the exhaust part. Tighten the clamp with a screwdriver. Repeat the same procedure to connect the dryer hose to the vent.


Installing Washer And Dryer

Here’s what you should take note of:

Plugin washer and dryer with a 120V and 60Hz connection. I guess it’s helpful to read about power consumption of washing machine.


It’s A Wrap!

You are done with an essential task while following these simple steps. There is no need to find the right company for the washer and dryer installation service. Just buy the hoses and clamps one day and install the washer and dryer the next day. And your weekend will become more fun and productive. It is a great experience to work on your own and as it boosts the mood and makes you feel better. Now, you know how to install a washer and dryer. Read related articles; know how to install a stackable washer or dryer and where to buy apartment-size washer and dryer.

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