How To Install A Wall Heater Thermostat? 5 Easy Steps!

Are you wondering how to install a wall heater thermostat? Stop wondering, and you have arrived at the right place. You should first unplug your wall heater to avoid awful things; read the thermostat wiring guide to make wiring the right way. Disconnect the insulation, which is not mandatory but better to disconnect.

After doing the things mentioned above, hook up the two ground wires, make the line connections and then install a thermostat if you have gently arranged all the cables.

how to install a wall heater thermostat

It’s not difficult to install a thermostat, but you don’t want to mess it up since it might result in a lag or malfunctioning heater. Whether you have no clue how to achieve this, you’ve come to the correct spot. My friends, this is just an overview; you should keep reading to discover more.


Why Install A Wall Heater Thermostat

To begin with, not all heaters come with thermostat fittings that allow you to mount the thermostat to any portion of the wall. Several thermostats may be fitted to the heater’s core. They’re the thermostats on the lowest section of the wall close to the floor. Even think about that now, there has to be a more convenient method to regulate the thermostat without bending over. This is when wall thermostats come in handy.

The thermostat’s odd placement isn’t the only reason you’d like to move it up. The thermostat might detect the temperature incorrectly due to various inaccuracies. It’s because cooler air descends and cools the bottom area of the space. As a result, if you genuinely want to know the temperature in the environment, the thermostat should be placed between the neck and chest.


Basics Of Thermostat

A thermostat is nothing more than a set of controls for controlling the temperature of a heating system. You may select a desired temperature for the room or boiler, and the thermostat will try to maintain that temperature. A thermostat activates the heating system when the temperature in the house begins to decline. The thermostat operates to turn off the heating when the inside temperature reaches the predetermined point, preventing you from becoming too hot.


Steps To Install A Thermostat On Wall Heater

Are you looking forward to installing a thermostat on the wall heater? Here’s how to go about doing it. Remember that this isn’t an easy process, and you’ll be working with wires, so if you’re not sure about it, it’s best to employ a specialist. First, you’ll need several tools to make the setup process smoother. A line-voltage thermostat, cable connectors, cable cutters, and a wrench are necessary tools.

 Secondly, you should be aware that the thermostat has multiple connections. It consists of four main wires, either black or white in appearance. The cables that link to the heater and the cables which connect to the circuits feeding wires are the two types of wires you’ll observe there. Because all threads are active, use caution while touching them. Follow the below-mentioned steps and learn how to install a wall heater thermostat.


Step #1. Disconnect the power supply

Ensure that the thermostat unit is switched off before getting your hands on the wires. You must ensure no power passes through the cables to avoid receiving a jolt. Switching off the breaker is crucial to guarantee that everything has been switched off.


Step #2. As a guide, use the wiring diagram

Remove the thermostat wiring instructions once the electricity has been switched off. In respect of cabling, every thermostat does have its sequence of commands.  Allow the wiring diagram in the instructions to be the guidance for connecting the heater and circuit feeding cables. You must be 100 percent sure you understand which wires would convey electricity from the power supply to the heater and which wires will supply electricity from the power source. I guess it’s helpful to read about electric water heater wiring with diagram.


Step #3. Make a connection between the ground wires

Use a cable nut to join two earth wires once the copper coils have been exposed. The third cable, either the device’s cable or the other ground wire, would also be required. That wire must be connected to the machine through a “pigtail” wire so that it can be ground. The opposite end of the cable is connected to the earlier ground circuits using this pigtail cable. Because thermostats do not carry current, you must link the actual wires to a thread.


Step #4. Assemble the Wires

After completing all of the connections, insert the cables inside the electric box to make sure they’re not slack to prevent misconnections or electrical hazards. The lines should ideally be long enough to adjust to the electrical panel. If not, you may need to trim the cables and repeat the operation.


Step #5. Attach the thermostat

After carefully organizing your cables, attach the thermostat with the bolts. Switch on the breaker and the heater to see if the connections are working. Whether you’re new to thermostat repair or cabling in general, this may be perplexing initially. If it still doesn’t function, return to the electrical connections you established, but make sure the circuit breaker is turned off. All wires in thermostats are hot, which means they transmit a current. The wire colors differ based on the thermostat, so consult the handbook to determine.


It’s A Wrap!

We are glad to know that you have learned how to install a wall heater thermostat. Installing a wall heater thermostat is not a complex task if you know the installation process. If you properly read the steps mentioned above, you will quickly establish a thermostat without any hazard. You may also want to read about how to cover up a wall heater and which type of heater is cheapest to run.  Thank you, friends, for staying with us.

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