How To Install A Stackable Washer Or Dryer? 3 Easy Steps!

How to install a stackable washer or dryer? Since your laundry room isn’t going to be the most significant, wherein you can put tons of items inside of it, you’ll need to have a hefty amount of space for it to be spacious enough. With that, it just simply means that you’ll need to have items that can fit those areas perfectly. Hence, we’ll know more about what to do.

One of the biggest things that may be eating space in a laundry room is your dryer, washer, or closet. The closet is given already and is necessary. As for your home appliances, they may be stackable, which offers you a significant advantage, especially if you are saving space to put other items inside of your houses’ laundry room.

How to install a stackable washer or dryer

What should we do? Now to simply put it up, you must be careful of how to install one. Why? It can be dangerous if you do not have any ideas on how to do it. Otherwise, it can damage or even cause injuries if you aren’t aware of how to stack those appliances since they are cumbersome just for one person. Without further ado, let us now move on to the main topic of this article. Today, we will be discussing how you can install a stackable washer or dryer. It can be easy for some while for some not. Thus, we will be exploring lots of things today. You can also learn some terms that might be useful, especially if you aren’t aware of them.


Steps To Install A Stackable Washer Or Dryer

How to install a stackable washer or dryer? It does sound hard for someone who doesn’t have experience, especially when it comes to this. So to stop that stigma, we here have some steps prepared for you to do it the easy way around. Thus, not giving you a hard time to finish:


Step #1. Preparing your laundry room for adjustments

Before doing any modifications or installation to a room, you must first prepare it for the process to be carried out easier without worries. In that way, you can be well aware of your surroundings and think of situations wherein how will it affect your installations later on. In here, we are going to assume that your laundry room has everything you need. Though even it is prepared, we must still have to prepare your room, and here’s how it is. Firstly, if you have a current washer or dryer, remove it from its place for you to reach unreachable areas that may have stains or junk luggers.

With that, you’ll have to sweep so that dirt doesn’t accumulate on the areas where you’ll want to place your appliances. Once done, measure the room and the wall. You will need to have at least two inches of extra space between the walls and the devices so that the vent will work perfectly. Measure the doors as well too. 

Finally, if you want any more fixtures or outlets, get an expert to install them. You will need electricity, a vent, and water to operate both a washing machine and a dryer. Put the brakes on your endeavor and get your utility access in line if you don’t have access to all three. Take some time and wait for it to get installed. You may want to check out the best compact washer and dryer.


Step #2. Putting a stackable kit

Once the preparations are done, it is now time that you ready your stackable kit in place. When placing a stackable kit, the washer should always be the one on the bottom. Why? Usually, its weight is heavier than that of a dryer, so in that case, there will be no damages exhibited over time as the washer and dryer are being used. What you’ll want to do here is put the washer on the bottom of the room. Then, get your dryer and place it on top of the washer. You’ll want to do it slowly as the weight is still heavy for a person to do the carrying by themselves. Make sure to remove the feet of the dryer. Lastly, secure the appliances with the kits.


Step #3. Finalizations on the installation

Now that they are both in place, it is now time that we make finalizations both to the washer and dryer. To do that, first, connect both the appliances to their respective outlets. As for the dryer, connect it to a vent. Try the machines if they both work without any problems at all. If there is a present, try to do it once more. For the spacing, make sure that the two inches rule away from the wall is observed. The machines will need ventilation not to get too hot and overheat, thus breaking your device. We’ll want to avoid that as much as possible. You may want to know where to buy apartment-size washer and dryer.


It’s A Wrap!

How to install a stackable washer or dryer? Now that you have ideas on installing a stackable washer or dryer, it will be easier for you to accomplish the task given. In that way, you won’t have to worry about how to do it the easy way since these steps are simplified only for you. It’s a good idea to read about what is a washer and how to use a washer.

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