How To Install A Hybrid Water Heater? 5 Easy Steps!

Therefore, you want to know how to install a hybrid water heater due to the high labor costs. Well, say goodbye to all the worries and read this article to find a systematic guide along with some tips and safety measures. In addition, you will be able to install the heater yourself professionally. 

Hybrid water heaters are super-efficient when it comes to saving energy. These heaters derive the hot air from the environment and utilize it as a source to heat the water.

how to install a hybrid water heater

A hybrid heater uses a fan to suck the air and passes it through a filter and then the air reaches a compressor that blows out cold air. The work of a hybrid eater is almost similar to a fridge. The only difference is that the fridge compressor blows hot air, unlike a heater compressor. 


Tools & Supplies To Install A Hybrid Water Heater

Here are the tools that you will need:

You need inch tape, Teflon tape, drill machine, screwdriver (Philips & flat-blade), crescent wretch, multimeter, and a pipe cutter. 

Here are the supplies that you will need:

You must have a hybrid water heater of a renowned company, PEX piping, adaptors, earthquake support straps, pipe insulation, zip ties, and hose. 


Steps To Install A Hybrid Water Heater

We have mentioned the steps below to comprehend how to install a hybrid water heater. The process is easy and simple if you follow the safety measures. 


Step #1. Remove and replace

Firstly, you have to remove the old water heater. Flip the breaker from the circuit box in opposite direction, attach a garden hose with the drain, and dispose of all the water. Turn off the shut-off valve to stop the water supply. Disconnect the electric and plumbing connections from the top of a water heater. Also, detach the thermal expansion tank if your heater has one. Take out the old convention heater. Now, it is time to place the hybrid heater on the place. The room where you install the heater must not be cold. The ideal area of the room is somewhere between 10x10x 7 feet. In addition, don’t forget to leave a clearance of 7 inches from each side of the heater. 


Step #2. Install the earthquake straps

You must secure the heater from earthquakes that cause the heater to shake and damage. The earthquake straps are easy-to-install and make them free from shaking and misplacing. Just take your straps and choose two bare locations on top and bottom of the water heater. Drill two hoses on each side of the heater and attach the top strap. Tighten a clamp from the front side to fit the strap according to the hater size. Repeat the same procedure with the bottom strap. 


Step #3. Connect the heater with water lines

Let’s connect the plumbing with the water heater in this step. You need to redirect the connections as the cold and hot water joints on the sides in a hybrid heater, unlike a convention. Attach an adaptor with each valve. Then join PEX pipes with the adaptor and finally with the hot and cold-water outlet and inlet. Are you all done with plumbing? Connect a ¾ inches NPT pipe with the condensation port and hands tighten it. Direct the hose to a drain line or condensation pump. The hose must be in a good position and directed to the drain spot without kinks and bents for an unclogged water disposal. 


Step #4. Wire the electric connections

Make sure your home an has appropriate electric connection as a hybrid heater requires two breakers of 30 amp to run and heat water. The use of any load management device or peak load reduction system causes the heater to malfunction so it’s better to avoid them. Access the junction box on the top of the heater and remove its cover. Connect the red wires of the cable and heater by using a union. Also, join the ground wire and that is all. Connecting the power to the heater was that simple.


Step #5. Fill the water and start the heater

Turn on the shut-off valve from the cold water supply line. Hear the sound of water filling in the tank. Open the temperature and pressure relief valve to remove the air out of the heater tank. Also, open the hot water faucets to purge the air out of the plumbing system. Lastly, install the pipe insulation on all PEX pipes and secure it with the zip tie.  Also, don’t hurry to start the heater and wait for the tank to fill with the water first. Then turn on the breaker panel from the circuit box and set the temperature in a range between 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit to get a refreshing bath. You may also want to read about where you can install the point-of-the-use water heater.


Instructions For Plumbing

Know these things when plumbing:

Piping: The easiest and cheapest way to retain heat is the installation of pipe insulation on hot water lines. PEx pipes are also an efficient and quietest possible option to avoid vibration sounds. 

Thermal expansion tank: Install one with your heater if your home has a closed-loop water system. 


It’s A Wrap!

We are optimistic that you have found the answer to your question of how to install a hybrid water heater. Now that you’ve installed it, you must know the pros and cons of hybrid water heaters.  So, what stops you from installing one and saving your money and energy. You may want to read related articles; know how to vent a water heater and when to replace the water heater.

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