How To Install A High Back Booster Seat

If you are looking for how to install a high back booster seat, this article is for you.

There are many types of booster seats that can be used in the car, but today we will focus on how to install a high back booster seat. We all want our children to be safe while travelling in the car and using a booster seat does just that.

How To Install A High Back Booster Seat


How To Install A High Back Booster Seat?

Here are steps to follow when you want to install a high back booster seat

Step 1. To install a high back booster seat, first place the car’s lap belt around your child and across their thighs. 

Step 2. Select a seating position where the top of the shoulder belt sits between your child’s neck and arm as they sit up straight in their seat with both feet on the floor. Use only forward-facing car seats for children who weigh less than 40 lb (18 kg) or are younger than eight years old regardless of height or weight.

Step 3. It is important to use this type of restraint until at least age 12 since over half of all crashes that result in serious injury occur during this time period. You may hear some concern about using it through age twelve because there is an increased risk of ejection in a crash when the seatbelt is placed over the child’s shoulder.

However, this risk can be dramatically reduced by using a high-back model such as an Evenflo Maestro Boosters .

If your vehicle does not have lower anchors and top tether points, you may need to use LATCH instead of the car’s belt system for installation. The easiest way to do so is to install with both types of connections at once. 

Step 4. Now that you know how to install a high back booster seat, sit up straight in your seat with both feet on the floor and select another seating position where the top of the shoulder belt sits between your child’s neck and arm as they sit up straight. 


How Do You Secure A High-Back Booster Seat?

To secure a high-back booster seat, you must use both the lap and shoulder belt. You should hook the vehicle’s lap belt into your child’s proper harness slot (as described in our previous post), then buckle the shoulder belt across their chest (just like an adult). Make sure it isn’t twisted or pinching when they sit back against it.


Do You Anchor A High-Back Booster?

If you have a high-backed booster, make sure to anchor it properly. The safest way is with your car’s seat belt and latch system, as long as the fit is correct for your child.

If using this method of anchoring doesn’t work because there isn’t enough room between the back of the booster and where you connect it in the vehicle, then try anchoring it directly into lower seating positions that allow them behind front seats.

This means placing lower LATCH anchors from rear-facing infant restraints through those same so they’ll hold harnessed forward-facing child restraints.


How Do You Install A High-Back Booster Without A Latch?

When you install a high-back booster without the Latch, follow these steps:

Open your vehicle’s back door and take off the head restraint. If there is not one, skip this step. 

Put either the lower or upper belt through both slots in the base of the Highback booster seat. The top slot should be behind the child’s shoulders and the bottom one at their hips. 

Snap buckle tongues into place to prevent them from slipping down between seat padding and shell when they are used as shoulder/lap belts instead of Latch attachments. 

Make sure that all slack is pulled out from under your child before closing the car door on any webbing left hanging outside of the car seat opening (or tuck it up neatly toward the rear of the seat).


Are High Back Boosters Safer Than Backless?

The high back booster is safer as it does not allow for a gap between the child and the seat. A gap creates an opening that increases the risk of ejection from a vehicle in case of a collision or sudden stop. The forward-facing harness system keeps your toddler secure, but only up to 65 pounds.


Does Graco Highback Booster Have Latch?

No, Graco Highback Booster doesn’t have a latch. It is easy to attach the seat belt of your car to this booster seat for a cosy and safe ride. In addition, it has command strips that will help you fix the child’s booster securely in place.

You won’t find any loose edges or sharp corners either – just large armrests with more padding than most other models out there if your little one needs some extra comfort. The head support ensures great positioning while travelling so you can be confident about the safety of your kid when they are sitting still in their boosters at all times.


What Is The Difference Between Graco Affix And Turbobooster Lx?

Graco affix is a seat that can be used with your car’s lap and shoulder belt. The child uses the standard adult seatbelt, which does not require any special installation or vehicle modifications. It also includes an easy to use latch system for easier connection to vehicles that don’t have latch systems in place already.

TurboBooster LX provides higher protection during crash tests than booster seats without back support because it positions children correctly on their own when they sit in this high-back booster seat .

This mighty mite has two layers of side impact protection plus energy-absorbing foam head wings. A five point harness keeps kids safe until they are ready to travel with only a regular safety belt (lap/shoulder belt).

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