How To Inflate An Air Mattress With A Hand Pump? 5 Easy Steps!

How to inflate an air mattress with a hand pump? Lay it out and use the hand pump to pump air inside the mattress, as simple as that.

People in the old times only slept in the grass, hay, wooden bed, and many other hard surfaces but thanks to innovations, sleeping has never been comfortable.

How to inflate an air mattress with a hand pump

Nowadays, people are sleeping in more comfortable beds of various types.

Many of these types are beds made of various materials.

Beds and mattresses of this generation do not only bring comfort but also aids in many sleeping disorders and help fight several illnesses.

The level of comfort every variation brings is added with lots of benefits in every material. One of these bed types is the air mattress.

Air Mattress

Air mattress is also known as an airbed, inflatable mattress, or sleeping pad is commonly used as a floating device due to its buoyancy and ability to float above the water.

Air mattresses are often made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or reinforced plastic rubber.

As you can see it is inflatable and easy to pack and go wherever your destination is.

You can also buy it in many stores and that includes an online store.

You can just choose from these sources and click the best one for you!


Steps To Inflate An Air Mattress With A Hand Pump

So, how to inflate an air mattress with a hand pump?

With the help of the step guide below, you’ll be pumping your air mattress like a pro in no time.


Step#1. Clear out some space

You probably haven’t pumped an air mattress before. The first step in inflating your air mattress involves cleaning.

That means you have to ensure that the area is clean and no sharp objects are sticking out like a sore thumb.

Provide a clear space where you will pump your air mattress.

A small sharp object is all it takes to put a hole on your air mattress.


Step#2. Lay it all out

After clearing out some space, you now then lay your mattress out.

It is to ease up the effort of pumping air into it.

Get it right of the bag and stretch it all out.

You can just let small clumps because you can just get rid of them when you start to pump air into it.


Step#3. Inserting the pump

After laying your mattress out in the open, you can now start with inflating it. Find the air intake cap. It usually is found at the sides though it is really easy to find it.

Then with your hand pump, insert the pump hose in the air intake and pump air into the mattress.

The pumping time will depend on the size of the air mattress.

So you may take a few breaks or you will need a friend to help you out with that.

You will need somebody’s help especially if your mattress is either king or queen-sized.

Take turns to make the job easier.


Step#4. Cover it

Now that your bed is fully inflated, place back the air intake cap. Never forget to do so.

I remember how my sister forgot to put back the air intake cap.

We were confused about why it deflated after a few minutes of usage until we saw what’s wrong.

The air will slowly flow out of your airbed if you forget to place the cap immediately after inflating it.


Step#5. Deflating

If you are already done using your airbed, and you want to make some space, deflating it will make storage easier.

To deflate an air mattress, you could either use an electric pump to pull out the air inside or do it manually.

When manually deflating an airbed, open the air intake by removing the cap and slowly let the air out of the mattress.

Next is to go in the opposite direction and start to fold that side. Folding will help push the air all out.

Letting the air out of the air mattress after usage will prolong the life of your air bed and it is protected from storage damages.


Benefits Of Air Mattress

As much as every advancement of beds in these years that come, it not only gives comfort to the one sleeping but it offers many benefits also.


Benefit #1. For sleeping

Of course one of the main purposes of a mattress is to be a place to sleep with.

But sleeping on an air mattress helps in getting proper sleep without damaging the skin and back.

This is beneficial for anyone suffering from diseases or medical conditions that involves a long time of laying down.


Benefit #2. Promotes good blood circulation

In such cases, a medical air mattress can aid good blood circulation.

It does not only do that but it also helps in pressure relief.


Benefit #3. Alternate pressure points

Since air beds are soft and a bit squishy, it is also possible to shift pressure points to the body.

If you want to get rid of the soreness from lying down for a long time, an air mattress is recommendable.


Benefit #4. Convenient

An air mattress can be of use in many cases. It can be used for medical care, home, or outdoor activities.



An air mattress, an inflatable bed, or an air bed, whatever you may want to call it offers many benefits and is very convenient to use.

I remember using one when we were sleeping over at our aunt’s house.

We used an air mattress and played and slept there comfortably. It was a nice experience.

So don’t hesitate on buying one now that you know how to inflate an air mattress with a hand pump.