How To Increase THC Production

If you want to learn how to increase THC production, you have three methods to choose from. It’s no surprise that growers discover ways to create better yield, whether it’s by increasing terpenes or THC in their plants. Below, you will find three techniques to improve the THC in your production. 

THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is a cannabinoid that you’ll find in marijuana. Because of its effects on the body, exceptionally, the resulting high is one of the components that growers value. Knowing how to maximize its amount when growing cannabis is something you should master. 

How To Increase THC Production


Comprehensive Guide On How To Increase THC Production

Why should you increase the THC production of your crops? Having a higher potency will ensure better yields because it also affects the effects of your buds. High THC levels are excellent for those growing medical marijuana and those who want to achieve higher mental and psychoactive effects. 


Method 1: Choose the right plant and strain

The first method to ensure that you can maximize your plants’ THC amount is choosing the strain itself. Perhaps the secret to successfully increase THC production is familiarizing yourself with how potent your plant can get. Remember that the stronger your plant’s genetics is, it will also be more likely for it to produce high-quality, potent buds. 

How to apply your knowledge in the genetics of your plant strain? If you can assume the THC upper limit of your stain, then you can use the techniques below accordingly. A strain that can only achieve its highest potency level at 10% should indicate that you can’t do any tricks to increase its THC. 

Remember that every plant has genetic boundaries, and you can only increase the THC production of those that will allow you to. You can only produce highly potent plants if they have the predisposition to have a high THC level. Otherwise, any techniques will go in vain. 


Method 2: Proper maintenance

After you have secured quality strains, you can control the next thing to ensure proper plant care. Only the best growing practices will help your plants to achieve their maximum potency levels. Remember that even though they have the genetics to produce high THC levels, they can struggle to achieve this if they aren’t in the best health. 

For example, fluctuating and extreme environmental conditions will be detrimental to your plants. You can consider growing in the greenhouse and maintain a stable growing environment for them. And if you have healthy cannabis plants, you can ensure that they will provide potent buds from plenty of bud sites. 

Besides stable indoor conditions, what is a factor that can affect potency? Check how much light your plants receive during flowering and provide LED grow lights if necessary to produce potent puds. Remember that strong lights will increase cannabis potency.  


Method 3: Proper practices

Your production practices will also play a role in increasing your THC production. What this means is checking when you harvest and how you cure your buds. Growers often overlook these practices without much thought, but there are techniques in them that will provide you potent cannabis buds.

Did you know that harvesting at the right time will ensure that your buds are at their highest potency level? The best way to determine the optimal harvest time is when the trichomes have become milky white. This indicates that the buds are mature and at their highest potency level, which is around three weeks during the flowering stage.

Lastly, curing affects the quality of your buds. This practice includes drying the buds, and failing to dry them correctly will inevitably affect their smell and taste. The connection between drying and THC production lies in the resulting quality of your buds. 


How To Cure Buds Correctly

Since you’ve learned the importance of curing correctly, it would be best to familiarize yourself with the process itself. In general, curing is as simple as drying the buds inside airtight jars. However, the secret to achieving the best quality is having the optimal drying and storing environment. 

A 50% humid room at a temperature around 70°F would be excellent for drying your buds. You can hang the buds in the room and wait for ten days to check their dryness. Place the buds inside a jar and open it occasionally to reach around 65% humidity. 

The buds should turn sticky but will start to lose moisture after a week. Continue opening the jar but at a fewer frequency, and one should expect better quality and potency for up to six months. You can also prepare them for long-term storage at this point. 



Boosting the THC content of your crops is beneficial for the growers and buyers. You can learn how to increase THC production using three methods, and understanding them will also help you know what affects your buds’ potency. For example, start by selecting strains that have high potency. 

You can then employ the proper maintenance and practices to help your crops achieve this predisposition. Remember that healthy plants are the ones that will be capable of reaching their maximum potency level. Lastly, harvest at the right time and dry your buds diligently to ensure quality and potent yield. 

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