How To Include Nieces And Nephews In Wedding

There are many options to consider when deciding how to include nieces and nephews in wedding. This article will discuss how the wedding can traditionally involve nephews and nieces and other more creative options. 

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Even children can sometimes be given flowers at the wedding.


How Do You Involve Nieces And Nephews At A Wedding?


Flower girl/ ring bearer

The traditional way of including children at a wedding is to have them as the flower girl or ring bearer. The kids chosen for these positions are often close family of the couple, often their niece or nephew. 

These positions can also be modified since more couples nowadays want something unique for the ceremony. For example, they might be holding some signs or carrying the flowers/rings differently.

But of course, consult with the children themselves or their parents if you think they’d be confident enough to walk down the aisle without being distracted. For example, you can include your young nephew as the ring bearer but have him holding fake rings for the sake of the ceremony. 


Wedding party

If you are close with your nieces and nephews, they can also be included in the wedding party. They would be your junior bridesmaids and junior groomsman with your other close family and friends. 

They would also wear the same outfit as the wedding party, which is a fantastic idea to make them feel more included. While they wouldn’t be expected to plan like the older members of the wedding party, it’s still a unique way to incorporate young kids, especially when they’re close to your heart.


Wedding processional

Do you have many nieces and nephews? It can be hard to decide who to include in the ceremony without making other kids feel overlooked. 

You can avoid hurt feelings by simply including all your nieces and nephews in the processional. This way, everyone will feel included walking down the aisle. 



If the nieces and nephews are old enough, a creative way to include them in the wedding is ushers or usherettes. They can help the guests with seating by holding signs or leading them to various sites during the ceremony or reception.

Some kids also naturally enjoy interacting with adults, so if your niece or nephew is particularly outspoken and articulate, they can make a great usherette/usher. Naturally, this wouldn’t mean that they can’t enjoy the rest of the event with other kids. 



If your wedding has a cocktail hour, it might include a program to keep the guests entertained while they relax. Also, ask your nieces and nephews if they would like to perform or talk during this period.

Most kids are talented, and it would be a great way to showcase their gifts on stage. Some children are also naturally funny and witty, so you can have them talk about your story as a couple. 


How Do I Incorporate My Kids In A Wedding?

If the couple already has kids or it’s a blended family, it’s only ideal for incorporating them in the wedding party and ceremony. Depending on their age, you can have them as the flower girl, page boy, ring bearer, or even as part of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

Some mothers that will marry even have their older daughter as the maid of honor. Another creative idea is to ask your kids to take photos during the wedding as well. 

The key is to make your kids feel special and included during the wedding. Then, of course, you can always talk about the event itself to ask them their ideal roles. 


Is it rude to have an adults-only wedding?

There’s nothing wrong with having an adults-only wedding. There are many reasons why the couple or the hosts would prefer to have no kids at the wedding, but you must notify your guests as respectfully as possible. 


Why do people have no kids at weddings?

Some people prefer an adult-only wedding because of different reasons. For example, they might not plan to have a kids’ table, the budget does not include on-site babysitters, or the wedding’s theme, venue, and activities are not kid-friendly. 

Perhaps you also simply don’t like children, which is also a valid reason to have no kids at your wedding. The main takeaway is it’s your wedding, so you have a say on how you’d like the event to play out. 


How do you politely say no babies at a wedding?

  • Address your invitations and save the dates properly by only mentioning the name of the parents
  • You can also write “adults only” to avoid miscommunication on the invitations
  • Ask your close friends and family to spread the request to other guests
  • If you have a wedding website, include a section where guests can see your request



And that’s it! You just learned how to include nieces and nephews in wedding traditionally and creatively. 

Consider having them as the ring bearer, flower girl, ushers, and usherettes, or even as part of the wedding party and processional. 

Just be mindful of including children to avoid making anyone feel left out.

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