How To Include Friends In Wedding That Aren’t Bridesmaids

You can find out how to include friends in wedding that aren’t bridesmaids in six fantastic ways. Gone are the days when you’ll feel bad about having a small number of bridesmaids, especially when you have many female friends. 

We also recommend that you read about what is a wedding house party. Big weddings have another group of guests that the bride has when her bridal party is complete. 

how to include friends in wedding that aren't bridesmaids


How To Include Friends That Aren’t Bridesmaids In Your Wedding?


Have them in the ceremony or reception

You don’t have to include all your female friends in your bridesmaids to make them feel acknowledged. Why not have some of your female friends in the ceremony or reception?

For example, one of your friends can officiate the ceremony, especially when you think they’re responsible and reliable for such a role. Some wedding ceremonies also have readings, songs, poems, and prayers. 

You can have different friends do these tasks throughout the ceremony if they like. Some friends are even naturally charismatic, so why not have them as usherettes, MCs, or even DJs to guide the guests and liven up the crowd for the party? 


Make their outfits the same as the bridal party

Wedding guests should avoid wearing the same style of clothes as the bridal party. However, if you have close female friends that didn’t make it into your list of bridesmaids, you can talk to them regarding their attire. 

Have them wear something similar or related to what the bridal party wears. This approach is beneficial if you have a large set of friends who are close to each other. 

Wearing similar clothes will also look great and photos. And, of course, your friends will feel more included and avoid assuming that they’re overlooked. 


Make them your honored guests

Do you have female friends that you also consider your mentors? They would be perfect as your honored guests instead of being a bridal party attendant. 

An honored guest can walk down the aisle but not stand at the altar like the bridal party. However, you’ll have your honored guests with you when doing various activities like bridal showers.

An honored guest also attends to the bride, so you can have them as your guide before and during the wedding. And to make your honored guest feel more distinguished from other guests, have them wear a specific style of outfit or give them corsages. 

Here is how to make wedding corsages if you don’t want to order them. 


Allocate special roles in the wedding

Your friends don’t need to participate in the wedding program to feel included. Instead, consider their talents and strengths as there might be roles they can fulfill in the wedding. 

For example, they can do your makeup, help with the wedding photography, do the bartending, and do other essential duties during your wedding. However, make sure that they’re willing, as you don’t want to impose that you’re bossing them around. 

You can also check what does a hostess do at a wedding as some friends might prefer to be your attendant. But, again, gauge your request because your friends are there to celebrate with you and not work for you. 


Have them in your first look

Weddings traditionally have a custom called the first look. The first look is when the couple sees each other on their wedding day before the ceremony. 

This moment is ideal for photos, but you can also have your friends with you during the first look. Instead of the groom seeing the bride, the bride’s close friends will be on the first look. 

This non-traditional approach is practiced in some weddings for the element of surprise once the groom sees his bride at the altar. But, bridesmaid or not, having your close friends do the first look with you will be a memorable photo to look back on. 


Set up a private celebration

The final option to include friends in a wedding if they can’t be bridesmaids is simply having a celebration with all your close friends. This can be different from the bridal shower or a modification where your guests are not limited to just the bridal party. 

Make it more intimate and memorable by ensuring that you’ll only have your closest friends. This should make everybody feel included, even if they’re not chosen as bridesmaids. 


Can You Do A Wedding Without Bridesmaids?

It can be challenging to decide how many bridesmaids are there at a wedding. Some brides even opt not to have any bridesmaids, and it is still acceptable. 

Remember that the size of the wedding is for the couple to decide. If you want a very intimate ceremony, the ones on the altar can just be the bride and groom. 

Then afterward, you can have a more significant celebration at the reception, so your friends and family feel included.



Was this guide helpful? We taught you how to include friends in wedding that aren’t bridesmaids:

  • Have them in the ceremony or reception.
  • Ask them to dress like a bridal party.
  • Consider them as honored guests. 

You can also allocate important wedding roles for them, invite them to your first look, or set a private celebration with them. There’s no need to increase your bridesmaids because there are many ways to feel everyone included in your wedding. 


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