How to Hook Up a TV to a Swivel Stand

In this post, we’re going to go over how to hook up a TV to a swivel stand. We’ll discuss how you can find the right type of mount for your specific needs and how much it will cost, how long it should take, how many cords are required, which cord goes in what hole on the back of the television set.

Steps on How to Hook TV Up to a Swivel TV-Stand

#1. Find the right type of mount for your specific needs.

How to Hook Up a TV to a Swivel Stand

#2. Make sure that you have a compatible TV stand with at least four holes in it.

#3. Measure how far apart the two mounts are (the width across the top). Use screws and spacers to place both of them onto the wall, then use a stud finder to locate the best place for them.

#4. Use an HDMI cable and then screw on one end of it onto either mount, preferably in the middle hole if there is only one.

#5. Then take the other side (either from your TV or were you plugged into it) plug it into the matching channel found on the other mount.

#6. Tighten both screws on either side of the cable to make sure that it is secure and then find a place for your TV stand (remember how far apart they are). Place the tv onto the stand, plug in any cords/cables you need, and enjoy!


What is a TV Stand?

TV stands are what you use to hold your TV up, as well as provide a space for all of the wires and cables from your device.

There is no one specific type that people use; some prefer to mount it on the wall if there’s enough room while others want something on their floor or in front of their couch so they can easily use it while sitting.

TV stands are available in a variety of materials including wood, leather, glass, and metal – so you can customize how your TV stand looks to match what’s already around it. You’ll also find that they come with different styles like contemporary or traditional depending on how the room is decorated already.

How to Fix Faulty Swivel Mechanism

The swivel mechanism is how the TV stand can rotate between landscape and portrait orientation. To work properly, it must be in its fully upright position before rotating or else the television will fall off of the stands (if mounted). If you notice that your swivel feature isn’t working well anymore, there are two possible causes:

  • The swivel mechanism may be damaged, so the stand won’t rotate properly.
  • There’s an obstruction in the track of how you’re rotating it (e.g., a large rug). Clear this out to see if that fixes your issue!
  • If not, there are many workarounds for both problems. First, you can rotate the TV by using its remote control. And if that’s not working for you either because of how it needs to be mounted or how your swivel no longer works, try these alternate solutions:
  • Make sure your stand is in an upright position before rotating
  • Use a screwdriver as leverage against the stand to rotate it.
  • Place a small object in the tracks of how you’re rotating it, such as an old credit card or similar flat item with some weight behind it.

How do you install a Universal TV wall mount?

This how-to guide will show you how to install a universal TV wall mount.

For this installation, we are using the Rubber Wall Mount from Sanus Systems with our Panasonic 50″ Plasma Flat Panel HDTV. This is just one of many universal mounts that work great for your home theatre or bedroom and allow you to easily move your TV from room to room.

Step One: Measure your wall and how high you would like the TV mount

Use a level, or if you don’t have one handy, use a string with two small weights on either end to make sure it is straight up and down. Once you find where the top of the bracket will be, mark the measurement on your wall.

We are mounting our TV 28″ off the floor and it will be 16″ from the corner of a room with an angled ceiling so we need to measure how high this bracket needs to go up to meet these measurements.

It is usually best not to mount anything higher than 40″. You also want to make sure that there is enough space behind the television if you plan on tilting it up or down

We’ll measure how high we need our bracket to go and mark this measurement.

Step Two: Install the TV Mount Bracket

Studs are a major factor in how your mount will be installed so pull out your stud finder and locate the nearest stud. It’s best to mount a bracket as close to this location as possible

We are installing our TV about 12″ off of the ground so we will need it mounted on a wall that is not too far from the floor. I recommend you do some measuring before proceeding with how high or low you want your bracket install the brackets by screwing them into place

We don’t need to worry about how wide our TV is since it can be adjusted with a swivel mount.

Make sure that there is enough space behind the television if you plan on tilting it up or down and make any adjustments as needed. Put the TV on and then tighten it up. Reattach any cords, cables or wires that were disconnected in the process of installation.

The last thing to do is plug everything back into place so that you can turn your new swivel mount television on!

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