How To Honor Deceased Grandparents At Wedding

There are five sentimental ways on how to honor deceased grandparents at wedding. We’ve included ways to honor your deceased grandparents at the wedding ceremony and reception. 

Weddings are celebrations of love and union, but they can also be the time to honor our loved ones who passed. If it’s a mom or dad you lost, here’s how to include a deceased parent in the wedding.  

how to honor deceased grandparents at wedding


5 Ways On How To Honor Deceased Grandparents At Wedding


  • Include them in the program

Honoring deceased loved ones can start before the actual wedding. A sentimental way to do so is by having a tribute page at your ceremony program. 

Dedicate a section on the wedding program to honor your deceased grandparents. For example, have a page headed by “In Loving Memory” with their names and/or photographs.

Alternatively, you can also have a tribute page on your wedding website. This is another option for those who can’t spend too much on their wedding stationery. 


  • Wear your grandparent’s heirlooms

Brides who are unsure how to honor a grandparent who died can wear something from them. Perhaps your grandma gave you a pair of earrings you can wear with your bridal attire on your big day. 

It can also be a brooch that you can include in your wedding bouquet. However, heirlooms are not limited to grandmas and brides. 

The groom might also have a watch from his grandpa. He can also wear a piece of his grandparent’s clothes with his suit. 


  • Include a lighting ceremony at the wedding 

It’s also possible to include and honor deceased grandparents at the wedding ceremony itself. One of the most sentimental ways to do so is to have a lighting ceremony. 

Discuss with your officiant when to insert a candle lighting ceremony at the wedding. Have the officiant, or you yourself can speak about honoring your deceased grandparents with the candle’s flame. 

You can also opt for a flameless candle to symbolize that your grandma and grandpa will live in your memory forever. Finally, make sure you plan the ceremony’s schedule, especially if your time for the venue is limited. 


  • Dedicate a seat at the ceremony or table at the reception

Honoring your grandparents who passed can also happen during the wedding reception. You can place their framed photo on a seat or table dedicated to them. 

Include flowers or even something special from them like an accessory. Of course, you can also do this at the ceremony, where you’ll reserve some seats at the front for their photos. 

A sweet way to go down memory lane is to use happy photos or photos with family. Select your grandmother or grandfather’s picture where they look their best and remind you well of their nature. 


  • Toast in their memory and/or have a moment of silence

Talking about our loved ones who died can be challenging, especially at weddings. However, why not have a toast in their memory at the wedding reception?

Your relatives are there and will surely appreciate hearing about your deceased grandparent as you honor them on your wedding day. Talk about how meaningful your relationship is and how they’ll always be present in your mind and heart. 

If having a toast is not up your alley, why not have the wedding MC ask for a moment of silence? This can be a way to recognize a lost grandparent without the pressure of knowing what to say to honor them. 


How Do You Put A Deceased Grandmother In A Wedding?

Many memorable and unique ways to honor a grandparent who passed away. If it’s your grandma, try these ideas to include her in your wedding even if she’s no longer with us: 

  • Dedicate a page for her and other deceased loved ones at the wedding program
  • Wear a locket necklace with her photo
  • Put her photo on one of the seats at the front of the ceremony
  • Use her favorite flowers for your wedding flowers
  • Wear her dress or have a piece of her favorite clothes incorporated into your wedding dress
  • Dedicate a reading, prayer, lighting ceremony, or moment of silence for her during the ceremony
  • Use her favorite foods on your reception menu
  • Dedicate a reception table for her
  • Raise a toast in her honor
  • Play one of her favorite songs during your dances


How Do You Mention A Deceased Grandparents In A Wedding Speech?

You can honor deceased grandparents in your wedding speech. But of course, your choice of words and transitions should be tasteful and relatable. 

  1. Mention the name of the deceased loved one or use their nickname when you raise a toast
  2. Use tribute wordings like “while [deceased grandparent] can’t be with us here today, I know that they’re smiling and having fun with us..”
  3. Include a short story about them or talk about your favorite memories together
  4. Wrap up the speech in a positive light
  5. Make sure your inclusions are not embarrassing or tacky

What if it’s your dad you want to remember? Here’s how to honor a deceased father at the wedding.  



We hope this was a good read. To recap ways how to honor deceased grandparents at wedding, you can: include them in the wedding program, wear their heirloom, have a lighting ceremony, dedicate a seat, or toast in their memory. 

It’s always heartwarming, especially for people close to their grandparents, to remember them even if they passed away. Leave a comment below if you have ideas to share for honoring loved ones. 

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