How To Honor Deceased Father At Wedding

Those who want to know how to honor deceased father at wedding can do so during the wedding preparations, ceremony, and reception. Weddings can be difficult to navigate, especially if a loved one has passed away. 

You will also know below how the bride can cope with a deceased father during the processional ceremony and the father-daughter dance at the reception. And for other ideas, you can read how to include a deceased parent in a wedding

how to honor deceased father at wedding


How To Honor Deceased Father At Wedding: Examples And When


Before the wedding

Before the wedding, the bride or groom can honor their father’s presence with the following instances. A death can be challenging for the child, especially at weddings where they long for their deceased parent’s company to celebrate with them. 

  • Write a memorial page or dedicate a prayer for your dad at the back of the wedding program 
  • Include your deceased father’s photos in your portraits and photoshoot sessions
  • Pass down an heirloom on behalf of the father who passed away that the bride or groom can keep 
  • Dedicate some time to talk about him with your other parent on the morning of the wedding
  • Visit him at the cemetery a few weeks or days before the wedding 


During the wedding ceremony

One of the best ways to honor deceased family members is to include them in the ceremony. There are many ways to celebrate their lives than grieve their death. 

  • Wear or carry one of your father’s belonging with you
  • The bride can include fabric from her dad’s clothing in her wedding dress; the groom can wear his father’s watch
  • Include a picture of your father in your boutonniere locket or jewelry worn at the wedding
  • Incorporate your father’s favorite songs during the ceremony 
  • Dedicate a unique chair with his picture on one of the front seats
  • Light a memorial candle to honor the deceased 
  • Include a short reading in the ceremony where the officiant can talk about your dad’s importance to your life and how he inspired you
  • Put a framed picture of your dad to involve him in the signing of the certificates
  • Hold his photo during the ceremony portraits


At the wedding reception

The wedding reception can also be the time to honor deceased loved ones. Understandably, it can feel melancholic, especially if the bride has lost her father, since the reception usually has a father-daughter dance,

Here are some ways to remember your dad and also cope if you’re feeling down during the supposedly joyous wedding reception:

  • Dedicate a toast or speech to your dad
  • Play a slideshow with your best memories with your father
  • Dance to your father’s favorite song during one of the reception dances 
  • Dedicate a seat at one of the front tables for your father
  • Toast with your deceased loved one’s favorite drink
  • Include one of your father’s beloved dishes in the wedding menu


Who Walks Bride Down Aisle When Father Is Deceased?

It’s typical for the bride’s brother, grandfather, male cousin, or any close male relative to take her father’s place when she’s escorted down the aisle. Some brides also grew close to their father’s best friend, so he could walk her down the aisle while honoring their deceased father at the wedding.

There are also no rules regarding the gender of who will escort the bride. Her mom can even walk down the aisle while holding a photograph of his father. 


What If The Bride Doesn’t Have A Father To Dance With?

The father-daughter dance can be a touchy subject to navigate, especially after a father’s death. If the bride wants to dance and thinks this will honor her dad, someone else can take his place. 

It can be a step-dad, her mom, a brother, a cousin, or even a close family friend or relative. She can also dance the father-daughter dance to her dad’s favorite song. 

And if you want to know the timing, please read when is the father-daughter dance at a wedding


How Do You Acknowledge A Deceased Parent In A Wedding Program?

  • Dedicate a page where you mention that you remember and love those who are no longer with you and enumerate their names
  • The wording for deceased parents should have “the late” before their names; you can also use this on the invitations if you want to include a deceased parent in it 
  • In the wedding ceremony program, write the meaning of the elements dedicated to the deceased parent; for example, will there be a candle-lighting ceremony to honor those who passed?
  • Write on the wedding program that the flowers or other elements in the ceremony are placed in loving memory of the deceased parent


How Do You Mention A Deceased Father In A Wedding Speech?

You could give a message appreciating the contribution and influence of your father to the person you became. If he was part of your relationship with your partner, you could also reflect on the best moments he had with you. 

The father usually gives the wedding welcome speech, so in his place, talk about how it would’ve been great if he could celebrate with you. Then, end the speech knowing he’s always guiding and toasting with you. 



And that’s it! You just learned how to honor deceased father at wedding by including him in the wedding preparations, dedicating a reading, seat, or music for him at the ceremony, and acknowledging him at the reception. 

We hope this can make your wedding more sentimental. 

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