How To Hide Window Air Conditioner Outside? 4 Easy Ways!

The outdoor unit can look unappealing, so you might be wondering how to hide window air conditioner outside. In four easy ways, you can. And these you will know as you read further.

Imagine having a party in your backyard and see the unit just ruining your decorations. But, of course, you don’t want that to happen.

how to hide window air conditioner outside

But do not worry because we will be providing you with different ways to conceal your unit outdoors. For example, in just a breeze, you can hide your window air conditioner outside.

So without further ado, let us get into it!

Ways To Hide Window Air Conditioner Outside

You can use your creativity in concealing your outdoor unit, but if you run out of ideas as of the moment, you can choose from the options below. Here are the ways on how to hide window air conditioner outside:

Option #1. Hiding in plants

Since the outer winder air conditioner is usually placed in the front or back yard, you can easily hide it with plants. This option will conceal your air conditioning unit and improve its efficiency of the unit. That is because the plants easily give off or intake air. In addition, if you water the plants daily, it will also cause the air to moisten.

As a result, it will be easier for the air conditioner to dump the hot air it sucked indoors.

When choosing for the plant to use, ensure that it has no invasive roots since it may damage your unit underneath. Another factor that you have to be careful of is your plants ending up being bushy. You have to trim it weekly not to grow too big and cover the whole unit. That is because it may inhibit your air conditioner’s airflow.

Option #2. Buying an AC enclosure

If you do not have time to water your plant every day and trim it weekly, you need a one-time solution.

An air conditioner enclosure is designed to hide your unit without consuming your time to maintain it. They are decorative units that resemble the design of your garden fences so that they will complement your outdoor theme.

There are also attached panels so that you can conceal your AC unit accordingly based on your space. Not only that, but those enclosures are also available in an array of colors. As such, you can choose the one that will suit your taste.

Better yet, choose a color that matches your exterior paint. You can even get those that are designed with camouflage patterns.

If you have enough budget for this, you may even get a heavy-duty model. They are typically made of steel and resin and then designed with ground anchors for added support. So even if it is constantly exposed to UV rays and bad weather, its appearance will not change.

Option #3. Picket fence

Another option is to get a picket fence that is designed with two sides so that you can hide both sides of the air conditioner outdoors. Meaning to say, it will conceal all sides of the unit that is visible from your gate.

So anyone who will enter your house will not notice the air conditioner. There is also another benefit from using a picket fence in covering the outer air conditioner unit.

Since the fence only has two sides, it will completely expose the third side. Therefore, the fourth side is the one that faces the wall. With this, you do not have to worry that the picket will block the air conditioner’s airflow. Otherwise, it will adversely affect its efficiency.

Option #4. Planter box and lattice screen

If you do not want to spend much on an AC enclosure, do not worry because you may opt for this option. The combination of the planter box and lattice screen is cute, and it can cover your air conditioning unit well.

If you like your outdoors to remain clean tidy will surely appreciate the way this solution does not hide the patio with layers of leaves and debris. But you have to be careful about two things.

For one thing, you need to ensure that the clearance between the AC unit and the lattice screen is large enough. Otherwise, the screen will make it harder for the hot air to escape from your air conditioner.

In addition, it would help if you also put this combo together in a way that you can access your air conditioning unit for maintenance.

Remember that you need to clean the holes from the screen regularly since it will not only allow the heat of the air conditioner out but it also takes in debris and dirt.

It’s A Wrap!

There you have it, folks! You are given four options on how to hide window air conditioner outside.

Whichever you will choose, remember not to block the airflow. Furthermore, it would help if you also kept in mind that your unit is still accessible.

Meaning to say, you must not focus on covering the ugly unit from your outdoors.

Also, ensure to measure your AC unit carefully. The solution that you will use must be bigger than your air conditioning unit for a few inches on all sides. This is to ensure that it will be concealed completely. The outdoor AC unit won’t be an eyesore anymore.

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