How To Hide Water Heater? 6 Best Ways!

How to hide water heater? Get the basics where you think to place it permanently. Plan it ahead of time and ask questions like capacity, size, and power connection.

Thus, you will develop the right plan to conceal the water heater without affecting much of its efficiency. Get the hybrid water heater if you want.

How to hide water heater

Give this a second thought before you build a house. If not, you will notice things end up messy in your area. Hot water is necessary but can also be a pain if you don’t know about hiding it. The appliance helps provide hot water for different uses in the winter. So, get the best water heater and hide it properly so as not to ruin the home’s aesthetics. Without further ado, read more about how to hide the water heater.


Ways To Hide Water Heater

There are many ways to keep the water heater’s tank hidden. Think about the covers, which are among the great ideas available. The standard methods include using curtains and screens. Utilize these to conceal the device with no need for a significant renovation. The water heater is ideal for hiding in garage settings, laundry rooms, and the basement. The best option to consider is complete enclosures that cover up the water heater permanently and aesthetically. So, here are the ways on how to hide water heater:


#1. Curtains

Curtains are the best option to hide water heaters and manage things. Add some sliding curtains that function as dividers. Measure the wall’s height and assess the curtain’s width and length needed. Provide some allowance for the curtain to not touch the heater, as this requires rail installation along with the ceiling so you can hang the curtain, as this is not that attractive when you place it in busy rooms. But the curtains are suitable for your basement or garage. This curtain option is inexpensive, enabling you to change patterns as you disagree with the current’s appearance.


#2. Screens

Screens are the best way to cover the rest. These work as decorative covers that look like high-standing shutters and conventional screen dividers. They work as standalone where you can move them quickly. Plus, you may easily paper or paint them. Some homeowners leave them the same as how they looked previously.


#3. Cabinets

Cabinets are another excellent enclosure. They are ideal to complement a finished kitchen or basement made of pure metal. They bring out an industrial feel. Nonetheless, some cabinets are manufactured using wooden material. They can either be recessed or freestanding, as this comes at an expensive price range that lasts longer than other choices.


#4. Built-in walls

Commercial places like hotels have minor walls. The hot water sprouts out in the different facets. This standalone water heater can connect with plumbing pipes and works. Just be sure to do this carefully to remove the water heater easily, as this is true if it needs repair or replacement. Carve out the wall carefully to best accommodate the device. Or, mount the wooden doors in the camouflaged walls as you apply their complete finish. Thus, it is difficult for you or the guests to notice how to fix the water heater.


#5. Closets

Most apartments would store the device and the furnace in the cabinet. The cabinet matches the door that guests will not know the water heater is around. This setup is beneficial when you build it quickly in the unit. Add some closet in the door of an enclosure existing, as this works anywhere in the house, like the kitchen. The good thing is that it does not get any attention.


#6. Room dividers

These make an excellent solution to use when hiding a water heater. Buy this at the nearest online shop or home goods store to complement your space. Search for one tall enough to hide the water heater. The divider should best match the design in the room so it won’t stand out from the rest. If you want, buy multiple if you cannot find one to conceal the water heater. Room dividers make use of various materials and various designs. So, opt for one that is suited to your space. It may be helpful to read about how to light hot water heater with an igniter.


Essentials When Choosing Water Heater Hiding Method

Below are the requirements to consider when choosing water heater hiding methods.


#1. Durability

A storage garage or unfinished basement is covered using a flimsy curtain. But then, a finished kitchen or basement requires something to handle the punishment.


#2. Cost

The cost is one essential factor for most people. The price is only lower than an expensive cabinet. But, the price is one factor to consider last.


#3. Aesthetics

The aesthetics are when you want a water heater to blend inside a room. Picture what the finished project looks like. Then, search for materials that do not let the tank stick out that cause an unsightly appearance.


It’s A Wrap!

Now, you learn How to hide water heater using curtains, cabinets, closets, room dividers, screens, and built-in walls. Follow the essentials as you choose water heaters hiding methods like cost, durability, and aesthetics. You may want to read related articles; know how long to drain a water heater and how to tell if a water heater is a gas or electric.

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