How To Hide A Mini-Fridge At Work? 5 Best Ideas!

Are you desperate to know how to hide a mini-fridge at work? You’re lucky because we have five creative ideas for you. And we’re confident that you can sneak out food without your coworkers seeing it. If you work in an office with more than 20 people of the same and related occupation, there’s no doubt that you have an office fridge. But there could be emerging issues regarding this appliance in one workplace.

For example, you’ll store some fruits or desserts in the fridge for later, and when you came back, someone took a bite out of it without your permission. And because there are a lot of people in the building, you wouldn’t know who ate it.

So, if you’re someone who experienced this, then this article is perfect for you. You’ll be able to store your food without worrying that someone will take it. So, without further ado, let’s figure out what to do for this kind of situation. Read on!


Ideas To Hide Your Mini Fridge At Work

There are various approaches to this problem. You may either cover it or put it away in a cupboard. Alternatively, you may add some colors and embellishments to help it blend in with its surroundings. Now, here are the ideas we gathered on how to hide a mini-fridge at work.


Idea #1. Cover with tablecloth

With this idea, you can make your mini fridge look like a cute side table or chair. But make sure that no one sits on it. And you can place some ornaments on top and your picture frames.

Use a tablecloth covering the whole unit, but the length should be enough not to touch the floor. What’s exciting about this idea is that you can choose a cloth that suits your table layout and color. And it can have various patterns and designs. Also, if you love sewing, then why don’t you upgrade the fabric you bought?

There are also some disadvantages to this idea. If you’ll cover it with some fabric and decorate it with ornaments, it might be inconvenient for you whenever you want to get something from the fridge. It will take time to lift the fabric without disassembling the embellishments and open the fridge door. But it can still hide your fridge perfectly.


Idea #2. Place inside a cabinet

You might have a work table in your area, and it sometimes has drawers. If you have a drawer that you don’t use, you can place your fridge here. However, don’t force it if the drawer is too small for your appliance. We can think of another idea if your table is not an option.

If you still have plenty of space under your table or work area, we can find a small cabinet that will only cover your fridge. Essentially, it’s a cabinet that is slightly bigger than your mini-fridge for it to fit. And we can drill a small hole at the back for the main cable to pass through.

One advantage of this idea is that no one will suspect that there’s a fridge inside the cabinet, primarily if you work in a building that houses many files and papers. But placing it inside closed furniture can prevent proper ventilation. And it might cause your fridge to overheat.


Idea #3. Paint it

If you’re an artist, you can paint your fridge’s front door into something realistic. Or you can paint it to blend into the surroundings. For example, you can make the door look like wood, but it will take a lot of time, effort, and technique to nail this. Or you can also make it look like a painting.

You may paint realistic flowers and grass in nature. In your workspace, the fridge will act as a decorative element. All of this depends on your imagination and creativity. Also, don’t forget to clean your fridge and apply primer before painting.


Idea #4. Cover it with a decorative panel

This idea will save you if you’re interested in the previous concept but don’t know how to paint. You can either use decorative panels with elegant patterns or wallpapers. You can choose a size that will fit the space under your table or other furniture. And you can slide it through to cover the mini-fridge.

For wallpapers, you can remove the adhesive side first before sticking it. Then, like the tablecloth, you can choose any design and color. But ensure that you only cover the door and not the door seal, which can prevent you from opening the door.


Idea #5. Make it look like a bedside table

Making it resemble a bedside table or other mini furniture will allow you to hide it while ensuring proper ventilation. Place a wood panel that looks like a tabletop, and you can get some metal tubes to resemble the feet. We suggest that you provide enough space for the door to swing open and allow you to get some food.


Wrapping Up

And that is how to hide a mini-fridge at work. We advise you not to decide abruptly on what idea to utilize. You still have plenty of factors to consider, such as ventilation and power source.

We hope you’ll find inspiration in the given ideas and use it to come up with a better one. Please update us on what you decided to create to hide your mini-fridge. For more creative ideas on how to disguise and decorate your home appliances, check this article on how you can decorate around a window air conditioner. Be creative!

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