How To Heat Up A Pool Fast Without A Heater? 2 Best Ways!

Are you here to know how to heat up a pool fast without a heater? It would be nice entering the pool immediately without your body having to endure the cold, right? What more if you will be able to extend the swimming season every year. 

Using pool heaters is an efficient method to heat up your pool. But if this is not a viable option, do not worry because you can use other means. Before getting right to it, you first need to know some essential things. 

how to heat up a pool fast without a heater

For one thing, the result will not be the same for all swimming pools due to several factors. This includes the pool location and weather, which play a crucial role in how the pool reacts to the various heater types. Also, be aware that when many trees surround your pool or building shadow it. It won’t receive as much sunlight as a pool located somewhere open, and sunlight can reach directly. Take note that sunlight is the key to heating your pool without using a heater. 


Ways To Heat Up A Pool Fast Without A Heater

As mentioned earlier, solar energy is needed to heat up your pool. By solar energy, it means you need sunlight for this. Below are the ways how to heat up a pool fast without a heater: 


#1. Solar covers

Who will not agree that swimming in the pool is a great way to cool yourself off in the scorching heat of summer? But who would want to swim in a freezing swimming pool? Luckily, there is such thing as solar covers or others known as solar blankets. This is an affordable item designed to provide you with the maximum insulation and heating properties. It is possible due to its thermal bubbles that retain the heat on cloudy days and at night. This is a transparent cover that helps ensure that the sun’s heating rays will reach the water of the pool. 

As such, the pool will become 15 degrees Fahrenheit warmer as compared to when you leave it uncovered. But then again, it will depend on the location of your swimming pool. This cover features UV protection which makes them last even if exposed to the intense sun heat. 

You can use this cover either on your above-ground or in-ground pool. It is an excellent alternative if you like to keep your swimming pool open for an extended period. Plus, this is an affordable alternative to pool heaters. This is also helpful in chemical use as it keeps the debris and dirt out of the pool. Sunlight is not required for the optimal performance of a solar cover. Still, it can help to retain the ambient temperature from the atmosphere. Even if it is dark, the solar blanket can still help in keeping heat.

At night, this will be the pool’s thermal blanket, which will keep the heat, regardless of where the heat is sourced from, may it be from outside temperature, solar, electric, or gas heat. With that being said, a solar cover is ideal for whatever heating system you have at home. It would help maintain the energy for heating usage, which means more energy savings.


#2. Liquid solar or solar pills

This may not be the most effective alternative. Still, a solar pill is an economical method for heating your swimming pool up. Solar pills are just a ball that is full of liquid solar. Take note that the process will be very technical in this method. You need to poke a few holes into the object before placing it directly in the skimmer. As the pool circulates, this pill will start to dissolve in the water, and a film made of alcohol will blanket over the top of the water surface. This will retain the heat while at the same time attracting the sunlight towards the pool.

In order to cover the entire surface of the pool, you need to buy several solar pills, especially when your swimming pool is big. The good news is that it will be safe to swim in the pool. As such, you can swim as much as you want while it heats up, unlike with solar blankets that you cannot swim when it is on since it covers the pool.


How Long Will It Take To Heat Up A Pool Without A Pool Heater?

Typically, it will take about eight up to twelve hours for all the water inside the pool to cycle. So expect the temperature to increase about five up to fifteen degrees Fahrenheit after a few sunny days. You may also be interested to know about pool heater sizing.


It’s A Wrap!

As discussed above, there are different ways on how to heat up a pool fast without a heater and retain the heat. You can even consider pairing them with your electric or gas heater. But this can cost you so much, so you can stick with the options above. Both are economical and affordable. You may want to read related articles; know why is my electric pool heater not working and how to turn on a pool heater. Have happy swimming!

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