How To Have An Atheist Wedding: 3 Best Options

If you want to know how to have an Atheist wedding, consider three ways. We will also include marriage ceremony ideas for Atheist couples to still have a meaningful wedding. 

Furthermore, we’ll discuss what to expect in a non-religious wedding to help you create a ceremony for you. And speaking of non-religious weddings, why not learn more about what is a secular wedding

how to have an atheist wedding


Three Meaningful Ways On How To Have An Atheist Wedding


Get married via a civil wedding

The easiest and most common way to get a legal marriage, even if you and your partner practice Atheism, is by a civil wedding. How do you have a civil wedding? 

You only need to accomplish the necessary paperwork, depending on the city you intend to live in once married. But, first, check with your local clerk’s office so you can provide the required legalities. 

Be aware that marriage licenses have different expiry dates in various US states. But because you’ll be getting married in a courthouse and by a government official, a civil wedding can be ideal for those who want an Atheist wedding because of the absence of any religious organization. 


Make a spiritual wedding ceremony 

If learning how to have a civil wedding gets you interested, but you find that it’s not as meaningful for the ceremony because it’s quick, then have a spiritual wedding ceremony after. While Atheists reject the belief in any spiritual beings, some people consider themselves spiritual without affiliation. 

The term is “spiritual but not religious,” where they don’t regard any specific religion as the sole means of spiritual growth. So if you prefer a non-religious wedding, then design a ceremony with your and your partner. 

Make a symbolic union after the civil wedding with ceremonies of your choosing. You don’t need to mention any specific being; it can be similar to other Atheist weddings. 

To learn more about this type of ceremony, you can read about what is a spiritual wedding ceremony. You can even take some elements and incorporate them into your Atheist wedding. 


Do a Humanist wedding 

A great way to get married if you’re non-religious or consider yourselves Atheists is to get a Humanist wedding. It’s a wedding without God, but be aware of the laws in your state to ensure that your Humanist wedding will be legal and valid. 

You can also find a Humanist celebrant to conduct your marriage ceremony after another non-religious wedding like a civil wedding. This way, you have ensured that your wedding is legal and only need to focus on creating the ceremony you want. 

Atheists get a Humanist wedding since Humanism is not a religion, and Humanists are typically agnostics or Atheists. Just be aware that there are oppositions regarding Humanism in some parts of the US.  


Can You Have A Wedding If You’re An Atheist?

You can still have a wedding even if you’re not religious because there are many non-religious wedding options for Atheists. The key is familiarizing yourself with the marriage laws in your location. 

Consider a courthouse wedding to save yourself the hassle of finding a non-religious officiant or venue where you can have your wedding as an Atheist. It is fast but will guarantee a legal and valid marriage. 

Afterward, you can have a customized marriage ceremony wherever you want. For example, you can incorporate exciting unity traditions in your backyard or outdoor wedding. 

If you’re non-religious, consider reading what is a non-denominational wedding. From the name itself, it’s not following a specific religion, and agnostics and Atheists might consider it for their union. 


Is There A Non-Religious Wedding?

An Atheist or non-religious wedding is a ceremony where the couple is united without incorporating religious traditions or following a specific denomination’s ceremony format. This allows the couple to get married anywhere they like, by an officiant not under a particular religion, and incorporate elements in their wedding ceremony that they find meaningful. 


Are non-religious weddings legal?

The laws regarding marriage differ from state to state. But generally, a wedding will only be valid and recognized if the couple has a marriage license and a legal officiant. 

This is why you must research the laws in your state to ensure that you’ll have a legal union. And for those who believe that they should be able to marry themselves, read what is a Quaker wedding


What Should A Non-Religious Wedding Include?

Atheist couples considering a non-religious wedding can include these elements in their marriage ceremony: 

  • Wedding processional or entrance of the wedding party
  • Bridal entrance
  • Vow exchange
  • Ring exchange
  • Unity ceremony
  • First kiss
  • Wedding party exit
  • Entrance to the reception
  • Speeches
  • Dances


Can An Atheist Get Married In A Church?

If an Atheist marries a Catholic, they can get married in a Catholic Church, but it won’t be Sacramental. For it to be Sacramental, they should be both baptized. 

Some other requirements for a valid Catholic marriage include the couple being free to marry with consent and being open to children. Additionally, they should have two witnesses when they give their consent before an authorized Church minister. 



Was this discussion helpful? To recap how to have an Atheist wedding, consider a civil wedding, a spiritual ceremony, or a Humanist wedding.

Overall, Atheists can get legally married as long as they follow their state’s laws and requirements. An Atheist can also get married in the church to a Catholic, but the marriage will be non-Sacramental.  

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