How To Have A Wedding Without Friends

You can learn how to have a wedding without friends by eloping. However, remember that there are requirements to ensure a valid union. 

We will discuss everything you need below, and you’ll also know how an introvert can have a wedding if they have few or no guests to invite. If you don’t want a wedding party or you don’t want a friend to feel left out, you can also read how to have a wedding without bridesmaids and groomsmen

how to have a wedding without friends


How To Have A Wedding Without Friends: Is It Possible?

It’s possible to have a wedding without friends by eloping. And since this is a wedding without guests, here’s a sample timeline to make the ceremony feel unique and sentimental for just the two of you. 


Sample timeline for a wedding with no friends

  • Get breakfast at a sentimental cafe, or use this moment to have your quick civil wedding at the city hall to accomplish all the necessary marriage legalities and ensure that your union will be valid
  • Do your favorite activity or shared hobby as a couple; you can also take this time to pamper yourselves and go to a spa
  • Cook your lunch together or surprise each other with their favorite dishes
  • Prepare for the elopement ceremony and take video clips that you can compile for your DIY wedding movie
  • Drive to the wedding ceremony location
  • Have a photographer take photos at the venue
  • Do the ceremony with your officiant (i.e., exchange vows, rings, and other symbolic unity ceremonies of your liking)
  • Take more photos, especially with the sunset backdrop
  • Have a romantic dinner date or go to your honeymoon venue 


Do an announcement party

You might choose to have a wedding alone because of budget constraints or preference for an intimate ceremony. It doesn’t mean that you have no friends, so a way to include your closest circle in this relationship milestone is to make another celebration before or after the wedding. 

A budget-friendly option is a wedding announcement party. This can be a way to announce that you have eloped or plan a very intimate celebration and let your closest friends know you’re not having wedding guests. 

  • Decide with your partner if you have the announcement party before or after the wedding
  • Invite your closest relatives and friends
  • Set a budget to know the type of party you can have and the venue you need to prepare
  • Plan the food and drinks for the party
  • Announce your marriage or plan of getting married
  • Explain your desire for a very intimate ceremony 
  • Do photoshoots to commemorate the party


Do photoshoots

How to make a wedding without friends memorable and unique? You can always book a wedding photographer and/or videographer to document your elopement. 

A fantastic way to get the best photos is getting married outdoors or having a destination wedding. You can also time your elopement during sunrise or sunset to capture it as you do your first kiss or vow exchange. 


What Do You Call A Wedding With No Guests?

Getting married to no friends or family members is called an elopement. Some couples opt for this type of ceremony because of many reasons. 

One, the couple might not have the support they need from their relatives and friends. Second, elopements are cheaper to have since there are no guests. 

If you have no friends, it would feel intimate and sentimental to elope. However, there are many considerations to ensure that your elopement will be valid.  


Do you need an officiant to elope in the US?

You need an officiant to conduct the elopement ceremony for it to be legal. States vary in their laws regarding who’s authorized to perform weddings. 

Alternatively, you can get married at the city hall and then do an elopement ceremony for the symbolism. You can also read what is a quaker wedding, which is a wedding without an officiant, if it’s your preference. 


Can you marry without witnesses?

States usually have witness requirements to consider a marriage ceremony legal. If you’re eloping, you can have a civil wedding; some will even provide a witness to stand in the ceremony for a fee. 

This way, you can get married without friends and still have a witness to ensure the validity of the union. In some states, it’s also possible to get married without witnesses. 


Do you need a marriage license to elope?

You need a marriage license to elope if you want a valid union. Furthermore, most marriage ceremonies require a marriage license, and states also vary in the waiting period before you can receive it. 

To avoid issues and prepare the requirements on time, read about the marriage license information for your state


How Do You Have A Wedding If You’re An Introvert?

Here are some ideas for having a wedding if you’re introverted and would prefer fewer social interactions:

  • Have an intimate wedding 
  • Select a few or omit pre-wedding celebrations like the bachelorette/bachelor parties or wedding showers
  • Shorten the wedding ceremony and reception
  • Have a ceremony-only wedding
  • Do a civil wedding 
  • Elope, instead of a traditional wedding



And that’s it! It’s easy to learn how to have a wedding without friends by considering an elopement. 

You can do a civil wedding first to meet marriage legalities and choose a state where witnesses aren’t required. There are even ceremonies that don’t require an officiant if you want the wedding to just have you and your partner. 

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