How To Have A Wedding Under 2000

Those who want to know how to have a wedding under 2000, you can simplify the process into five steps. You can make your $2,000 budget work by managing your expectations, but you don’t need to worry that you’ll have a disappointing wedding. 

We will help you get your dream wedding by sharing tips for a cheap but classy bridal affair. And if you have $3,000 more to spare, here is how to have an elegant wedding for 5000 or less

how to have a wedding under 2000


How To Have A Wedding Under 2000: Sample Wedding Budget


Step 1. Have a wedding with few people

After you’ve set your budget that you only have less than $5,000 to spare, it should be clear that you’ll only have a classy wedding if you’re having an intimate event. It would be unrealistic with a $2,000 wedding budget to have a big wedding with over 20 guests.

It’s even better if you can do an intimate or micro wedding because you’ll save costs on the venue size, catering, and drinks. To prevent any potential misunderstandings between the two of you, have a list of guest lists and ensure that you’ll have an equal number of guests each. 

You can also omit a whole wedding party and have a maid of honor and best man only. You can always explain to your close relatives and friends why you’re having less than the usual number of guests at your wedding. 


Step 2. Get a simple wedding venue

Since you only have under 2000 for your wedding budget, you should manage your expectations with the wedding venue. For the wedding ceremony, find and get a schedule on a local park or beach where you can have the wedding for free or for a small fee.

Some religious venues don’t also require payments other than donations. And since you’ll only have a few wedding guests, you shouldn’t worry about the venue size or expenses for the chair rentals. 

How to make a $2,000 budget work for the wedding reception? Consider having a backyard reception instead, so you don’t need to rent a separate space. 


Step 3. Choose an affordable wedding attire

A way to have a wedding under 2000 is to avoid extravagant attire. This doesn’t mean that you and your partner have to look tacky on your wedding day. 

For example, you might have an heirloom wedding dress, or you can borrow a tuxedo from a close friend or relative. If you can buy pre-loved clothes, it will cost less to have them altered than to purchase brand new ones. 

Renting wedding attire is also practical. But if you do have some extra budget to spare, why not also invest in your wedding hair and makeup? 


Step 4. Dress up cheap wedding decorations 

One of the most expensive elements of a wedding is the decors. And since you must make 2000 work, it’s better to mix fake flowers with fresh flowers for your decorations. 

Nowadays, there are many cheap but classy-looking fake flowers for your centerpieces. Instead, get local and in-season blooms for the fresh flowers as they’d be more affordable than exotic flowers.

You can also use fabric draping around the venue to make the space look bridal. Fabrics are relatively cheap, but they can easily dress up the area or hide unwanted spots.


Step 5. Consider DIY for other wedding needs

You can probably find a new wedding vendor and book them at a lower cost. However, if you know a friend or relative who could be your wedding musician and photographer, why not ask them?

You can also DIY your catering since you’re having a small wedding. And if the reception won’t happen during dinner or lunch, it’s easy to serve simpler foods. 

Of course, you still want to provide your guests with the best experience, and you deserve quality photos. Therefore, adjust your budget allocation according to your primary priorities. 

Don’t believe us that it’s possible to do your own wedding food? Read how to cater your own wedding


What Is The Average Budget For A Small Wedding?

A small wedding with under 50 guests is possible with a budget of $8,000 to $10,000. However, remember that this is only possible with a small wedding as grand and luxurious small weddings will require a bigger budget. 

What is the most common budget for a wedding? Most couples are willing to spend over $30,000 for their wedding, so in comparison, a $10,000-wedding is frugal. 


How Do People Afford Weddings With No Money?

If you have no money, you can still get legally married by acquiring the necessary documents depending on your state. Of course, you will need to spend for these legalities, but if you omit the ceremony and reception with guests, it’s possible to do it without a budget. 

Then, consider a civil wedding to make the wedding as simple and affordable as possible. But if you want a celebration with friends and family, some couples get a wedding loan



Was this budget guide helpful? You just learned how to have a wedding under 2000 by having few guests and finding free venues for the ceremony and reception. 

It would be best if you also opted for affordable wedding attire and cheap decorations. Then DIY your other wedding needs or find a relatively new vendor to save on costs.

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