How To Have A Casual Wedding In 3 Steps

Those who want to know how to have a casual wedding can make it happen in three steps. Casual weddings are ideal for couples who want a lowkey celebration or have a limited budget.

But even if you’ll have a casual wedding, it doesn’t mean you will take it for granted. You still want to plan and exert effort so it will be classy and satisfying like any other wedding. 

how to have a casual wedding

Regarding budgets, perhaps you want to read about how to have a wedding under $2000. This planning guide will be helpful if you can’t spend over this amount for your wedding.


How To Have A Casual Wedding If You Want A Simple Wedding Ceremony


Few guests

  • To ensure that you’ll be having a simple wedding, you must create a short guest list
  • Typically, it’s best only to have a maximum of 20 guests for casual wedding planning
  • Have a talk with your partner, so both of you are satisfied with the wedding guests, and no one feels like they have fewer guests than the other
  • Consider losing the wedding party and only have the best man and maid of honor accompany you at the front
  • Communicate this desire for an intimate wedding to your relatives and acquaintances, and be prepared to explain your side and stand your ground 


Simple venue

  • A casual wedding is so-called because it is pretty informal and not as traditional as a regular wedding 
  • Get a list of all the simplest wedding venues in your area to find the best one for your wedding theme and guest size
  • A casual wedding venue can be defined as an indoor or outdoor space that requires minimal decor, and it’s also not as grand as spacious as wedding halls
  • Casual weddings will usually have a dressy casual dress code, so use this as inspiration when finding the perfect venue
  • Consider having your wedding reception in the same wedding ceremony venue to make the event even more lowkey, casual, convenient, and affordable  


Short event

  • Finally, you can ensure that you’ll be having a casual wedding if you create a short wedding schedule
  • Sit down with your partner and discuss the elements and events you want at the wedding ceremony and reception
  • Consider omitting some traditions and parts as long as you do not seem disrespectful to your culture and religion
  • You can also shorten the reception time to 2 to 3 hrs instead of the usual 4 to 5 hours
  • If you have a wedding coordinator, plan with them to create an effective timeline without feeling like you’ve rushed the wedding or that you’re missing out on some of the typical wedding traditions. 


What Is A Casual Wedding?

A casual wedding is affected by how traditional and formal it is. The wedding time and venue can also indicate how casual a wedding is. 


Simple ceremony

For example, a casual wedding can be held in any outdoor or indoor space instead of the typical church or hall wedding. Typically, it is a simple and lowkey location without the glitz and glamor of expensive and formal weddings. 


Casual dress code

The wedding dress code is also more laidback but still has some formality as it’s a wedding. The guests can wear dressy tops and bottoms, but they’re not required with tuxedos and floor-length gowns. 


Lowkey reception

It is usually casual if the wedding is held in the afternoon compared to an evening wedding. The couple may even consider serving tea and sweets instead of a full-course meal.


How Do You Lowkey A Wedding?

If you prefer a casual, relaxed, or informal wedding, consider these tips for throwing a lowkey wedding. However, please be reminded to accomplish all the necessary wedding legalities and that you are still respectfully following the traditions of your culture and religion. 

  • Consider a simple wedding dress or switch the typical dress with a bridal jumpsuit; the groom can also wear a suit, but styling a perfectly-fitted vest with a shirt can also look more lowkey but classy
  • Have a few wedding guests
  • DIY your wedding invitations and wedding favors
  • Have the wedding in your backyard
  • Do the wedding in the afternoon similar to a tea wedding; serve smaller dishes like hors d’oeuvres with tea instead of a sit-down meal 
  • Consider an alcohol-free reception
  • Ask for a dressy casual dress code
  • You can also elope and then have another celebration to involve your friends and family


Is It Okay To Have A Simple Wedding?

It’s perfectly okay to have a simple wedding, especially if you prefer an intimate event or your budget is limited to something bigger and grander. What matters is to accomplish the legalities to ensure that the marriage is valid and that you and your partner feel your best during your union. 

You can also have a private wedding ceremony with just you and your partner, then invite everyone you want for the reception. Read how to throw a reception-only wedding for more tips. 



Was this guide helpful? You just learned how to have a casual wedding by having a few wedding guests, selecting a simple wedding venue, and making the ceremony and reception last shorter than usual. 

Understand that there’s nothing wrong with having a simple wedding. What matters is you’ll have a legal union and celebrate with the closest people in your life. 

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