How to Hang Two Curtains

A home’s windows are one of its most important features. These structures not only allow natural light into an area or space, but they can also be an extension of your interior design if they are well-covered. Learning how to hang two curtains is not that difficult if you know the right way to do it. 


Layering curtains is the easiest way to do this. If you only have one curtain rod to work with for your window treatments, you’ll need to learn how to hang two curtains on one rod to achieve the layered look. If you’re unsure how to layer curtains with a single rod, here are some simple instructions to follow.


Method #1: Double Layer Curtains


When it comes to window treatments, layering means dressing the windows with more than two-panel pairs of curtains. Typically, you layer two separate curtain designs. In most instances, this entails mixing solid-colored or solid-patterned main curtains with sheer curtains.


You hang the main curtains on the curtain rods’ right and left sides, while the sheer curtains are in the center. This type of arrangement creates a chic and well-balanced look. The panels at the end of the rod frequently give the impression of being on their rod, often protecting from direct sunlight.


Slide one of the main curtain panels onto the rod to achieve this look. To make room for more tables, move it to the very end. Apply one or two of the sheer panels to the rod after that. The amount you add is up to your preference. Finally, change the panels to make them look neat by sliding the remaining main panel.


The ability to close your curtains will is now limited if you use this four-panel style. The hung sheers in the center of the rod prevent the main curtains from moving. As a result, the sheers you choose decide the amount of light that enters the room and the degree of privacy you have.


Method #2: The Three-Layered Curtain Style


Rather than the traditional two styles of four panels, this approach layers six curtain panels with three styles. You can choose a solid-colored curtain to anchor at both ends of the window with this window treatment process. The second curtain design should have a playful pattern that incorporates the anchor curtains’ color. 


Finally, for the third type, use a sheer curtain. You may also use a white or light-colored curtain to match the other two curtain types.


Start with the solid-colored panel when hanging the curtains on the rod. To make room for the other sheets, slide them onto the rod and force them to the top. Then install the patterned curtain next.


After that, finish by adding the two sheered panels, the patterned panel, and the solid colored panel at the top. To achieve a neat final look, adjust the panels as required.


The result would be a lovely color and texture gradient. This style of window is ideally suited for large windows with a wide opening.


Method #3: Bungee Cord Method


When you think of bungee cords, you probably think of adrenaline-seekers who parachute off bridges or cliffs. The cords we’re talking about here, however, are much smaller and less strong. Bungee cords are thick elastic cords with hooks on both ends and a bright cloth or plastic covering. You can use the hooks to latch onto other surfaces or to lock onto each other.


Bungee cords are ideal for use on windows because they come in various sizes and can withstand stretching without breaking. You will need two curtain panels to create a layered treatment for your windows using bungee cords. The first pair should be ordinary, while the second pair should be sheer.


Place both sheer curtain panels on the bungee cords while making a layered look with bungee cords. To do this, slip the cord through the holes where you normally insert a rod. After that, use the given hooks to secure each of the cord ends to the window brackets. Please make sure the cord is securely fastened and change the sheets to make them look tidy.


Then, on the rod, hang the regular panels in front of the cable. The cord will act as a second rod even if one isn’t needed.


Method #4: Using Double-Sided Hooks


Using double-sided hooks is another clever way to achieve a layered look with a single rod. Though shower curtains are commonly used in bathrooms, you can use them in other rooms as well. Double-sided hooks have two hooks on opposite sides and can accommodate two curtain panels simultaneously. 


What are any alternatives for sheer curtains?


You may also replace the sheer curtains with white or light-colored curtains that match your main curtains. This will help retain the space’s privacy while still retaining the chic look of a light-colored mid-area. If you choose this option, there will be little to no natural light in the room.




There are several ways of having to hang two curtains. You can either do the Double Layer Curtains, Three-Layered Curtain Style, the Bungee Cord Method, or by using the Double Sided Hooks.