How To Hang Things On Non-Magnetic Fridge? 3 Easy Ways!

If you are planning to do some reminders for the day, but your fridge is not a magnetic one, then you should find ways on how to hang things on non-magnetic fridge. After you have seen and decided on the process you’ll choose, let us continue giving you better insights and tips about the topic today.

You may not have an idea, but to give you some, here you go. The stainless steel used for making fridges may look expensive and classy, though it has a downside to it, and that is because of the materials. It is often exposed to fingerprints and doesn’t hold magnets because of the nickel contents of the steel.

how to hang things on non-magnetic fridge

Usually, people go for these types of fridges so, be careful in choosing one. If ever that happens to you, then we have here an article readied for you that may help in the situation you are in.

Regardless, let us have a deeper insight about our topic for today as you continue reading until the end of this. You’ll know more.


Ways To Hang Things On Non-Magnetic Fridge

Before purchasing a fridge, you must always check what you’re buying; otherwise, you’ll end up unsatisfied. It is essential to know, especially if you’re a stainless fridge owner, consider these ways on how to hang things on non-magnetic fridge:


Method #1. Using hanging accessories that have suction cups

If you have lost hope on how to stick or hang things onto your fridge, then this might be the answer. When you try to look for remedies on the internet, this will most likely be the first thing you’ll see when it pops up.

Why? Suction cups, also known as a sucker, use the pressure of air to adhere and make a bond with the surface that it is staying in. With that, they can be able to hold a light to medium-weighted objects since the force exerted is what makes its bond stronger. They are cheap and can be purchased at your local hardware stores.

And with that being said, the first thing that you should do is purchase the items needed. If you happen to cross by a hanger with suction cups or a magnetic board with suction that you can use to put reminders, purchase it if you’re feeling it.

Once you have the items, try to wipe the surface areas to where you will place them. This will make the hold of the suction stronger. Then, try to press it as hard as you can on the area until it gets hard to be pulled out. With that, you can make sure that it holds and lasts long. As much as possible, change them once they lose adherence.


Method #2. Using magnetic paint

We know that not everybody is aware of this. Yes, there is magnetic paint. They may look just like regular paint, but, in the insides, there are particles of iron dust mixed into the paint for it to interact with things later on.

They are available in your local hardware stores though it is rare to find one since its price may differ quite expensive than that of regular paints. Suppose you happen to see one, then good for you. If not, then try to look for those on the internet. You may find one.

Like any other paint, they are applied to the surface you want to put them in. Brush it in one direction and let it dry for several minutes. After that, you can try sticking on several things to see if the paint works. You can always add another layer if you feel it isn’t sticking too well on the surface.


Method #3. Double-sided tape method

This method works all the time if you are in a hurry to stick some things up your fridge. It is pretty simple, so it should be easy for you to apply whenever needed. Now, let us continue how to accomplish this so we can move furthermore.

It may be a simple piece of tape, but it helps and does a lot. With this at your home, you would not have a single worry to do things.

However, the weight that it carries is only limited. Make sure that the stuff you stick is of that the appropriate weight.

Pull out your desired length from the tape and peel the cover off. Once the adhesive is exposed, stick your item on the other side of the video and make sure that you have placed the other side right to the thing you’re planning to hang. Once everything is set, please put it in the fridge and flatten it to let it stick more.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you know how to hang things on non-magnetic fridge. It is essential to understand what you’re buying at first because you may regret having it anytime. But before you think of that, we are glad that you’ve found and read this article up to the very end. And with that being said, learn by yourself or call a pro to help you.

Well, if the fridge you have at home is magnetic, try reading how to make fridge magnets with photos.

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