How to Hang Tab Top Curtains

Learning how to hang tab top curtains is a lot easier than trying to make them. Choose the right decorative rod with matching finials, and you should be ready to go. These ready-made and popular types of drapery can definitely make any room appear attractive.


how to hang tab top curtains

It is a simple and yet chic design method that can also make your draperies appear longer. It is perfect for creating contemporary and casual looks. You can easily highlight your window or rod’s decorative details. 


If it seems pretty straightforward, that is because it really is. All you have to do is fix the placements of the tabs. Make sure that they are equal distances apart. You should also install your rods high enough to prevent light leaks at the top of the curtain. 


What are tab top curtains?

People may confuse tab top curtains with tie top curtains. Although they pretty much look the same, they have a visible difference that you cannot miss. While the loop around the top edge of the poles, tab tops give a more tailored look.


These curtain designs are best for draperies that you don’t want to move around too often. Also, since the fabric tabs lay flat on the rod, it isn’t easy to draw them open or close from time to time. 


Tab tops usually suit cafe curtains. Some use tiebacks to hold them in place whenever they want an ample amount of sunlight to illuminate the room. The popular sets of draperies are highly accessible. In fact, you can buy them in almost any store. 


What makes them better is the fact that you won’t have to worry about complicated curtain hardware. Instead, you can hang them in just a few easy steps. For the best results, you can follow our rod bracket installation process.


Step 1: Mark your screw placements

If this is your first time hanging a pair of curtains, then you might want to get your rods up before moving on to anything else. For this, you will need some screws, a pair of rod brackets, a set of drilling tools, and your decorative rod.


Start by using your tape measure to mark the placements of the screws. Remember that the tab tops add at least two inches to the curtain’s overall length. Unless you want streaks of sunlight peeking through the top, I suggest placing your brackets at a higher location. First, however, consider the curtain’s panel length as well.


Step 2: Drill the holes.

Use your power drill and drive it through the wall to make your holes. Position your brackets and insert the screws. Secure and tighten them in place using a screwdriver. Do this for the other rod bracket.


Make sure that you don’t drill a hole that is too big for the screws. Otherwise, you will end up with loosely installed rod brackets. These can be dangerous because they can fall off anytime. They also won’t be able to support heavier kinds of fabric.


Step 3: Hang the curtains

Once we have the brackets in and secured, get your tab tops curtain and slide it over the rod. Carefully arrange the tabs so that it fits around the rod perfectly. Place the finials on the sides of the rod and hang them onto your bracket.


Make as many adjustments as you would like to your drapery. Now would be a great time to get those tiebacks and tie your curtain into a nice gathering. If you want to enjoy the full view of your tab top drapery, remove the tiebacks and let the fabric flow freely.


Why use tab top curtains?

Some people may label tab top curtains as outdated. However, despite their vintage feel, they actually fit pretty nicely in many modern contemporary designs. Furthermore, these tab top curtains are quite affordable because they require less fabric than pleated curtains.


Its unique look gives it a light and casual feel. It is an excellent match for both traditional and modern properties. They can also come in a ton of colors, patterns, and designs, making them incredibly versatile and easy to work with.


Since we already know how to hang tab top curtains, styling them won’t be much trouble. You can layer them on top of a sheer curtain using a double bracket. Another way to style them is by covering the tabs with curtain valances.


Using valance curtains or cornices is the perfect way to use old tab top curtains and appear newer by hiding traditional designs. Now you can take out those set of tab top curtains that have probably been lying around in the attic or basement for some time. 



Tab top curtains are a traditional kind of drapery that existed back in the Medieval period. Despite its long and rich history in the world of window treatments, modern innovations have brought back its charm and glamour into contemporary interior designs.


Luckily, you won’t put your knowledge on how to hang tab top curtains to waste. There are tons of ways to revamp your apartment or home with just a simple change of curtains. You can even make your own tab tops using fabric and some sewing skills.