How To Hang Sidelight Curtains? 6 Best Ways!

Do you want to know how to hang sidelight curtains?

Keep on reading until the end of this post for we will be walking you through the easy steps in hanging sidelight curtains.

how to hang sidelight curtains

But before that…


What Is A Sidelight?

When we say sidelights, these are narrow and long windows made of glass that are framing your front door.

It is designed to bring light and sunshine into the doorway. However, it does not allow privacy which is why you need to cover it.

What’s good about covering your sidelights is that it can help in adding a decorative touch to your interior.

You can hang your curtain below or above the frame.

Furthermore, you can choose to leave your curtains taut and straight with the use of a tension rod or you can have them cinch at the center.


What Are The Things Needed?

Before anything else, know the things that you need to prepare first.

It includes the following:

  • Fabric tie
  • Sidelight curtains
  • Screwdriver
  • Curtain rods


Ways To Hang Sidelight Curtains

Sidelight curtains will allow the light while at the same time reduce the visibility from the outside.

So, how to hang sidelight curtains?

You can do this in several ways.

The following are the common ways to install rods for sidelights.

It will depend on how the windows at your doors are constructed.


Method #1. Using Inside-Mount Tension Rods

In case you want a tautly fitted covering, then you can use a tension rod that is fitted inside the frame of the window.

In choosing the curtain though, you need to ensure that it has a rod pocket both on top and on the bottom of the material.

Also, make sure that there is a space of about one-half inch in between the outer edge of the frame and the glass so the curtain rod will fit.

Installing this would be very easy. In fact, no hardware is needed for installation.


Method #2. Using Sash Rods

This type of curtain rod can either be flat or round. It typically hangs about two or three inches below or above the frame of the window.

You can attach this with the use of screws and brackets.

But using a sash rod would mean that a part of the lower or upper molding, as well as the trim, will be covered by the fabric.

So if you intend to allow the light into your entryway, the fabric must cinch at the center.


Method #3. Café Sash Rods

If you want your sidelight curtain to be fitted loosely, then you can use café curtains.

With the use of the café sash rod, you can have your curtain either fitted at the bottom or simply hanging.

The molding of the window as well as its trim will also be hidden when using this type of curtain rod.


Method #4. Magnetic Rods

Perhaps, you have a metal door, then you can use magnetic rods in hanging your curtains.

You can hang them below or above the window.

But you may opt to have it leveled with the glass.

Below are the steps:


Step #1. Getting the measurement

Measure the height and the width of the sidelight.


Step #2. Slipping the curtain into the rod

Slip the curtain into the rods. Your curtain must have bottom and top rod pockets.


Step #3. Adjusting the magnetic rods

Start aligning and adjusting the rods so that the magnetic caps at both ends will be secured to the metal casing on the window frame.


Method #5. Using Screw Rods

Another way to hang your sidelight curtains is by using screw rods. Follow the steps below!


Step #1. Installing the brackets

Mount the bracket of the screw rod into your wood door, starting from the top brackets.

Then, get the dimension of the window and choose the right curtain size.


Step #2. Threading the curtain

Slip both the bottom and top rods.

Then hang the top curtain rod.

Once done, put a mark for the location of the lower rod bracket.

Do this as you hold the curtain snug.

Now, you can install the bottom brackets by screwing them onto the wood.


Step #3. Attaching the rod to the brackets

You can now attach the lower rod onto the brackets you just mounted.

Once your curtain is already in place, you can then wrap its center with a decorative strap.


Method #6. Adhesive tension rods

Last but not least is to hang your curtain with the use of adhesive tension rods.

Below are the steps!


Step #1. Measuring your sidelight windows

First, you need to measure the width from the inside casing of the windows.

Also, measure the length of the window.


Step #2. Slipping the rod

Now insert the rods through the pockets.


Step #3. Adjusting the tension spring 

To ensure a snug fit, screw or unscrew the sections of the rod.

Then, install the curtain rods on their desired location above and below the sidelight.

The adhesive will be pressed into the casing and it will be holding the curtain in place.


It’s A Wrap!

Finally, you have figured out the different ways on how to hang sidelight curtains.

Simply choose whichever method works best for you.