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How To Hang Rod Pocket Curtains? 2 Easy Methods To Try!

As a newbie in curtain furniture, I am willing to share with you the steps on how to hang rod pocket curtains.

You need to insert the rod into the top pocket or metal rings found in the curtain.

It is just as easy as that.

If you have bought a new piece of drapes and wonder about perfecting its position to improve your room’s appearance, well, this is for you.

I won’t keep you hanging, so without further waiting, scroll down and read the article carefully.


how to hang rod pocket curtains

Methods To Hang Rod Pocket Curtains

A perfect curtain should embody the windows and ceiling of a room, making the overall appearance flawless.

Hanging these curtains can be divided into two methods: standard rod pocket curtains and ringed curtains.

But before we start, you should adequately measure your curtain and its rod to your window size.

If your windows are 15 feet wide, you will be needing a curtain of 30 feet wide or double curtains measuring each a width of 7.5 feet.

However, it may be up to your preference in having the measurements, or better, you can consult an interior designer in this matter.

In terms of height, your curtain rod placement must be an inch or two away from the ceiling itself.

This way will give your curtains the best appearance where it shows the windows a more prominent look than usual.

So, let’s go to the methods on how to hang rod pocket curtains:


Method #1. Standard rod pocket curtains

First, observe your curtains if it has exits on both sides. If so, you can use a standard curtain rod.

These rods have distinct sizes, so you can assess your curtain’s specifications before hanging them on your windows.

If you already have your rods, insert them from the other side.

Then, carefully slide it until it reaches the other side.


Method #2. Curtains with metal rings

This method can also apply to standard rod pocket curtains containing rings in their topmost part.

First, if the curtains come with hooks, insert them into the curtains. Then, you can insert the rod inside the hooks.

Second, if your curtain is in pencil pleats, you should find the included plastic hooks in the curtain.

Then, please insert it into the braids or ridges of the curtain every three to six inches in length.

Next, find the threads that hand on the ends of the curtain. Pull them apart and see the curtain top compress.

You can finally hang your curtains if you finished this step. Congratulations!


What Are The Tips In Hanging Any Curtains?

Well done! I know you are very eager to learn everything about hanging curtains in your home.

I recently discovered these tips that you may use in putting your drapes, making your room more beautiful than before.


Tip #1. Measurement

You should take into assessment the size of the curtain and the window.

Make sure to know the depth of the window molding in understanding the size of your drape brackets.

It will ensure your curtains extending away from the distance of your edges in the curtain.

You can use a pencil or a tape measure in doing this by marking the appropriate placement of the brackets, making the rod four to 6 inches over the window frame.

It would help if you considered that the curtain brackets should be positioned about half a feet from the window frame’s outside rim.

This one will allow more sunlight to your room, contributing to a comfortable atmosphere for everyone.


Tip #2. Mounting rods and hanging drapes

In perfecting mounting and hanging your curtains, you must consider using proper tools and safety measures.

Use a screwdriver in installing the brackets, ensuring the edges are equal in distance and height.

For safety, make sure to use a ladder in climbing higher spaces to avoid any injuries.

Also, inputting in bulkier drapes, you may want to put in wall anchors to secure the brackets.

In placing your drapes on its rods, you should loop them carefully in each opening.

If not, you can attach the curtain itself using rings or clips.

If done correctly, you can easily hang your curtains into your window.

You can hang your curtains without a rod too.

Finally, you should observe the surrounding space if there are fixtures or any furniture damaged during installation.


Concluding Things Up!

Great! You already know how to hang rod pocket curtains using two methods: the standard and metal ringed curtains.

You will only insert the rod into its pockets in standard rod pocket curtains and hang them already to the window.

For metal ringed curtains, you may be attaching the hooks or fastening the strings tied on each end before placing them on the wall.

I also shared with you some tips regarding hanging any curtains.

It would be best if you took note of the measurements and mounting rods to hanging the curtains.

I am hoping what you had read found you some help.

So, please share this with everyone you know that might be needing this information.

Thank you very much!

How to tie up curtains

How To Tie Up Curtains? 6 Exciting Steps!

How to tie up curtains? The first thing that you should learn is how you can create the ties themselves! After which, you can tie the curtains up in six easy steps!

Indeed, fashion and functionality are both exhibited by tie-up curtains.

They serve a specific purpose while makes the room more attractive at the same time.

If you extend the curtains all the down your window, you can have more privacy.

Not only that, but this can also prevent sunlight from entering.

You can then raise them if you want to let the light into your room or if you wanted to look outside the window.

You have to secure the curtain at any position you like with the use of ties.

After you tie them up, you will see how tie-up curtains can add a unique element to your window treatment.

Now, to know how you will tie up your curtains, scroll down until the end of this post, as we will be providing all the essentials when tying up curtains.

As a bonus, we will also teach you how to make a tie-up curtain yourself.

Let us start with that before we proceed on the steps in tying up curtains.


Making The Tie Up Curtains

Perhaps, you don’t want to buy those ready-made tie-up curtains. You can create your own by following this procedure.


What are the things needed?

Before we get right into the steps on how to make tie-up curtains, you must know the things that you will need first so that you will be able to prepare them.

Make sure to have all of them ready so that the process would be smooth and fast.

  • Main fabric
  • Back fabric
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Straight pins
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing scissors
  • Curtain rod


6 Steps To Make Tie Up Curtains

After you have prepared all the supplies needed, you can now start making your tie-up curtains.


Step #1. Measuring the window width

The very first thing that you need to do is to measure the width of your window.

Use the measurement that you get to know how much fabric you will need.


Step #2. Cutting the fabric

After you get the measurement, you can now cut the fabric accordingly. Do this both to the back and front pieces.

Then, place the back piece and front piece together with their right sides facing each other.

Line their edges and put a pin to keep them in place. Make sure to leave an opening.


Step #3. Ironing the curtain

You need to flip the right side of the curtain out and then take the curtain’s opening and start tucking its edges as well.

Then iron the curtain, including its edges.


Step #4. Sewing the curtain

Now, stitch all the curtain’s edges, starting with its opening to close it.

Flip the top of the curtain to leave enough opening for the curtain rod and pin it down.

Then, stitch it as well to put a curtain rod pocket. Remember to measure the curtain rod to ensure that it will fit in the pocket you made.


Step #5. Making its ties

Cut two ribbon pieces having twice the length of your curtain.

This step is to ensure that it can reach the other side.

You may not attach the ribbon to your curtain, so you can easily change its color later on.


Step #6. Hanging the tie-up curtains

Finally, you can now hang up your curtains into your window.

Then, tie and untie them accordingly, depending on how you want it.

Or you can follow the steps below.


6 Steps To Tie Up Curtains

You can tie up curtains in so many ways, depending on how you want them to look.

So, how to tie up curtains?

In this post, we will be teaching you the easy way to do it.


Step #1. Fold up the bottom of your curtains to raise them

Narrow folds can provide a neat look. Fold it back in forth until it reaches your desired height.


Step #2. Create ties

Clasp the ties hanging down your curtain – two ties from the left and two ties from the right.


Step #3. Tie the knot

Start at either side. For instance, you can tie the ties on the left first into a usual bow.

Make sure that the bow is snug and tight enough so that it can hold the curtain up.


Step #4. Do the method on the other side

Proceed to the other side and follow the same method you used in tying the bow earlier.


Step #5. Adjust the tie

Please take a few steps back to see whether or not they are even.

Adjust them accordingly if they are not even by tightening or loosening one tie.


Step #6.  Finish up

To lower the curtains, later on, you only need to untie those bows.

Regardless, you might want to read this article.

Nevertheless, that is all.


It’s A Wrap!

Tie-up curtains are both attractive and functional.

You can let it fall to block light and for extra privacy or tie up to allow the light to enter and see the view outside.

Either way, your curtain will look chic and pretty.

It is very simple and easy to tie it up and untie it later if you want.

In any case, it is also easy to make a tie-up curtain if you are into sewing and designing stuff yourself.

That is how to tie up curtains!

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