How To Hang Double Curtains Without A Double Rod? 3 Best Ways!

How to hang double curtains without a double rod? In three easy ways, you can; and these methods you will learn as you read along!

When you want a lovely curtain, you can go extra on a double curtain, but then you should have a double rod.

How to hang double curtains without a double rod

But what if you haven’t purchased a double rod or it is no longer available? You don’t have to worry about it.

I have here different ways of how you can hang double curtains even without a double rod.

Yes, you have read that right. It is all about making the best out of something that is often found in your house.

You might not see things as something important in your house, but you can use them here.

A key to achieve this is innovativeness and vast imagination. You can always think of an alternative.


How To Hang Double Curtains Without A Double Rod?

Alright, so you might be worried about how to hang double curtains without a double rod.

I will give you something to look into; these options are way better than you expect.

The materials you will need are widespread and all that you can see and purchase everywhere.

Another thing about it is that it is way cheaper and affordable than your double curtain rod.

I have here options for you to choose from and it is all up to you which one you would like best.


Option #1. A piece of curtain rod

A single curtain rod might do the trick.

If you have double curtains, it does not necessarily mean that you should have a double rod.

By unscrewing the piece on its end and putting the curtain into it, and screwing it up again is a step closer to it.

Using a rod is beneficial for you since it will not slide onto the sides when you use a ladder.

This single rod is not as heavy as the double one. However, you cannot extend it to parts that are separated.

All you have to do is ensure that the rod reaches both hooks placed along the window frame’s two sides.

You can then slide in your double curtain on the rod and hang it on both hooks you have placed earlier.


Option #2. A tie (cord)

I know you are thinking of how it would look like a cord as a rope when hanging your curtains.

But wait, don’t judge so quick you would know why considering this option might be one of the best.

It is a very light kind of material to use, which means it will be heavy for you and easy to lift.

But then you have to consider the fact that you will have a hard time inserting it on the curtain.

You sure know how a rope works, and it is not as firm and sturdy as a rod, but then it is still a good substitute.

All you have to do is tie the rope on one of the hooks found in the wall near your window.

Then you can insert the rope on the curtain, making sure that it faces the right direction.

You can then tie the other end of the rope on the hook opposite to your tied rope.

Make sure that you bring scissors with you because they might be longer than the rope you prepared.

We always do this with our old house since we see curtain rods as unnecessary when you have ropes at home, helping you save some money.


Option #3. Using a bar

That is not a bar that you go to when you want to party. It is a bar that is made of metal.

You can resort to this as your last option since not all have a metal bar in their household.

But then there are issues upon using a metal rod or bar, if ever. Since it does not have a stopper and the material is metal.

The possibility that your curtain will slip off the metal rod is way higher, but you can always do something about it.


Is It Necessary To Learn These Things?

When you are away on your own or have a family, you need to learn things independently.

You have to make sure that you can still do something about it if one goes wrong, and you will not just give up.

Finding solutions out of will and innovativeness is always good. It is better if a guide supports it.

Always do your research and make sure that you note the essential things in what you have read.

You can visit blogs or sites, which include articles such as this to help you out. It is always better to make sure of things when you are dealing with them.

And that is how you hang double curtains without a double rod.



Good thing we have answered, “How to hang double curtains without a double rod?” at least you have learned.

You can now apply it or share it with your family and friends. Problems should be solved and not disregarded.