How To Hang Curtains Without Damaging Walls? 5 Easy Ways!

You are renting the place, and you want to decorate it according to your style, but you don’t know how to hang curtains without damaging walls.

It is so frustrating that you do want the place to makeover, but there are limitations that a renter should follow.

how to hang curtains without damaging walls

Well, this article is also helpful even if you own the place.

Not all of us want to have permanent holes in walls.

In the future, you may change your mind and transfer again to a different area.

This could leave a mark on the walls and extra work for repair and retouch.

So worry not, in this article you will know the five easy ways to hang that lovely curtains without damaging the walls.

You will discover that it’s such a simple and practical way to use it.

Don’t feel discouraged soon; you will enjoy the fun of decorating your place.


Ways And Techniques To Hang Curtains Without Damaging Walls

Here are some of the most common ways and techniques on how to hang curtains without damaging walls.


#1. Tension rod

A tension rod can be stretch or adjusted.

It can expand from both sides of the window frame.

You only need a minute to install this and there is no need for you to make a measurement.

All you have to do is purchase the tension rod; there are so many designs that you can choose from.

This looks the same as the shower rod, though you can extend it to your desired width.

All you have to do is test first the tension rod.

Do so by unscrewing and screwing it until it finally fits the window frame.

After that, lock it in place to ensure that it’s secured.

Then remove the rod and finally insert the curtain and return it.

That’s it, so easy and effortless to install, you now have a perfect place.

This is good for lighter curtains, and it is adjustable; you can hang it in the middle or above the window frame.

But this is not good for heavy drapes, or it maybe loosens.


#2. Kwik-hang brackets

You can buy this bracket from any hardware store. It can hold a bit heavier curtain.

It doesn’t need a measurement it is simply attached above the window frame, the frame will serve as a guide.

Put the brackets on each corner of the frame; you may add more brackets if needed depending on how big the window frame is.

Use a light hammer to secure the brackets then it’s done.

Insert your rod with the curtain on it and say hello to your beautiful place.


#3.  Coat hooks

These hooks need an accurate measurement.

First, you must determine the height of your curtain, mark an even spacing for the hooks.

Then screw the coat hooks on each mark you made and loop or insert the holes of the curtain over the hooks.

This looks like a unique design on the wall that will become an accessory to the place.

The hooks are precise, and the curtain is permanently hung and needs not to be adjusted frequently.


#4.  Magnetic curtain rods on metal doors

This curtain rod is only applicable for metal door frames or windows.

It is expensive compare to the others mentioned above.

If attached to the door make sure that it is seldom used and never place in a traffic area for it may cause a realignment of the rod if frequently moved.

It is good for light to medium weight curtains.


#5. Command hooks

Use this hook to hang art frames, keys, caps, etc. Or even curtain rods.

Just mount it on the wall; no drill needed.

You need two command hooks or more it depends on how wide the window is.

Equally, mark the wall where the hook is placed.

Remove the adhesive strips and carefully apply them to the hooks.

Press the hooks unto the wall for about a minute or two to secure it.

Repeat the procedures to the other hooks and let it stand for less than an hour before hanging the rod.

It is easy to apply and no worries to remove.

Advisable for a light curtain for it cannot hold heavy panel curtains.

Command hooks are ideal for flat, clean walls but it is not good for a wallpaper wall.


To Wrap It Up!

There you go, you don’t need to ask how to hang curtains without damaging walls.

Go for a practical and easy way to hang curtains without damaging walls.

It will certainly keep the walls free from any screws and holes that will jeopardize your security deposit to your landlord.

If you own the place, you will free to rearrange or relocate your curtain rods.

That will make your place excited, will also make you creative.

You have five choices to choose from that are all available in hardware stores near you and the best option is yours.

The explanations are simple to follow; now, you’ll be excited to decorate your place and hang that beautiful curtains of yours.

So what are you waiting for? Grab it now and start making it a place you’re dreaming of.

You will be glad you made it! Happy decorating!