How to Hang Curtains on Corner Windows? 3 Simple Tips

Having spent years in the interior designing business, I have had a course in designing many rooms. Choosing the right curtain and installing them are the core aspects of my day-to-day activities.

It can be when challenging when fixing your curtains on the window. To make things easy, I will teach you how to hang curtains on corner windows.

how to hang curtains on corner windows

While working for different clients, I understand that one of the tricky aspects of curtain installation deals with hanging curtains on corner windows. Figuring out how to hang the curtains in a tight perpendicular corner is difficult than the conventional wall. However, following the below steps, you will become a pro on how to dye polyester curtains.


Steps on Hanging Curtains on Corner Windows

Step #1: Install the curtain hangers

The First step on how to hang curtains on corner windows is installing the curtain hangers. You must install the hangers at the same height in a perpendicular format.

Step #2: Fix the elbow plumbing piece

The next thing to do when planning how to hang curtains on corner windows is fix the elbow plumbing piece at each end of the curtain hangers. This connects both hanging rods.

There are different types of elbow connectors that you can buy in the market. You have to pick the one, and in choosing, ensure the design complements the curtain’s style. 

Step #3: Insert the curtains

The last step when thinking of how to hang curtains on corner windows is inserting the curtains. Hanging your curtain in a corner position may involve some form of trial and error.

But don’t be scared to try different positions as the ideas come into your head. When you finally get one that matches your expectation, you will be so amazed at the result. 


How to dress a Corner Window

There are many beautiful ways you can decorate your corner window to give it that stunning look of elegance and beauty. I will be share with you some helpful ideas on how to do this.

Drapes Design

In this concept, you hang in the curtain in such a way that the window gives you a darkened room when pulled and a window free from obstructions when opened.

Using Window Shades

Perhaps, this is the easiest way to dress your corner windows. They offer you privacy while at the same time obstructing light from entering when they are down. They don’t obstruct your view when they are up.

Valances Design

In this concept, you have the benefits of achieving an elegantly finished room. However, the downside of Valances Design is that you won’t have your privacy, unlike the drapes design and window shade use. Using blinds can compensate for this.

Roman Shades

This is a perfect option for those in love with a darker room. Roman shades design pulls up easily. If you are looking for something romantic, I am pretty sure you will love this design.


How to Hang Curtains Against a Side Wall Windows

As an interior design consultant, I have come across some windows that are located beside a side wall instead of the center of the wall. There are many ways to go about hanging curtains in a side wall window.

Step #1: You can decide to go with a single curtain. This single curtain should have a decorative heading and a tie back against the wall to pull it back, as shown below. You can also try a slim column of fabrics, as shown below. You can achieve this with an eyelet heading. 

The appearance is elegant, beautiful especially for those who prefer something very plain. In this arrangement, it is easier to move the curtain to either side of the window without needing a tie-back for a pullback.

Step #2: Using double curtains is also viable, but you must go with curtains made from light fabrics. This is to reduce the number of fabrics sitting on either side of the curtains when open. 

The problem with these types of light fabrics is that they don’t protect your privacy, and you may need to invest in window shades to compensate for this.


Is it possible to hang a curtain without drilling holes?

Yes, there are several options available that you can use to hang your curtain without drilling holes if you don’t want to damage your walls or drill holes in your apartment. There are few easy options you can use to hang your curtains. They include:

Use of Adhesive: Some adhesives are strong enough to hold the weight of a curtain. You can use it to hold the curtain hooks. For more details, you can check out this step-by-step guide.

Use of Tension rod: Tension rods are designed to fit into windows without the need for hooks. The Tension rods must be the same as the wall to sustain the tension needed to keep the curtain standing. You can find more guidance on how to install this rod for your window. 


Wow, I hope you have learned some awesome skills today on how to hang curtains on corner windows. This is one thing most interior designers are always confused about as to how to hang the curtain on a corner in a way that will give it that elegance and beauty as those installed in conventional positions.

Do not hesitate to comment and let me know what you feel about the information in this article.